What Gift Should I Give?

I’ve been waiting to get some birthday invitations. We’ve moved here over a year ago and still none. I think I’ve beat everyone on that one. Even though I have some nice friends, I guess it takes a while before they start inviting you to their parties. I don’t blame then too much cause I haven’t invited any for mine yet either. Come to think of it, I haven’t even planned mine yet. I have a few ideas but I’ve got to talk it over with Mom since she’ll most likely have to help me with it, a whole lot!

But just this last week, in one chunk of time, I’ve gotten two invitations, from two very good friends, one from school and one from church. One at the beginning of the week, oh my, it’s TODAY, actually today… and the other at the end of the week with a sleep-over. I can’t wait, I’m so excited. But just one small problem. I have no gift yet! It’s happening in only a few short hours and I’ve got to be all pretty and permed and with the best gift of all. But I really don’t know what to get them. What do you get someone who you don’t really know so well yet? Before we moved, I could tell right away what my other friends would have liked. I knew what they were into and all that stuff that you know about your friends.

I just got it now! Being invited to their birthday and seeing what the other friends get might give me a good idea of what they like. But well, that will be too late to get them anything, won’t it? I’m just going to hop into the car, with Dad, cause he has to go do some business anyway, and maybe he’ll be able to do a shop stop for me, well for my friends. He’ll have to be willing to pay for whatever I buy too. Usually Mom takes care of all that stuff, with a little help from me. But she gotta stay home today in case the post man comes by to drop off something important. That’s the time that I really appreciate Mom. She does a lot of those gift things for me. She makes the packages all pretty and fancy. She helps pick just the right gifts even if she doesn’t know what the friends are into, she makes it beautiful enough to please anyone. I want to be just like that when I grow up. She knows how to cheer up others with her taste for decor and art.

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