Water colors

Mom got herself some water colors to tryout. She’s been wanting them for a long time and so have I. So guess what we did all morning? We colored and colored and colored some more. I colored some mandalas then I drew my own picture and colored it. I didn’t have a paint brush to use because it was all the way up in my room and that was a long journey away. So instead Mom had the bright idea to use a plate with some water inside it. We dipped the tips of the pencils and then colored or painted onto our papers.

It turned out quite nicely and we made a few masterpieces. Although the pencil tips kept breaking. These weren’t top quality, Mom said. She only got them to try them out and see if they worked at all. Even if they only lasted us 1 week, (because we did a LOT of coloring in just a little while), it was worth it. I enjoyed some Mommy time, just her and I coloring together. I kind of like doing activities that my brother doesn’t enjoy, that way I get to have Mom all to myself, hee.

I wonder if God feels that way about me too sometimes. He likes to have all of me and he appreciates it when I don’t share that time with anyone or anything else. 

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