Walking with my kids

I’m a fast walker, and while out with my son the other day, I was getting a bit frustrated with his lack of keeping up with my pace. He wasn’t noodling or going slow on purpose. The problem was on my end, I was going too fast.

I was about to verbally express my frustration, but then a thought halted my intention. I got down on his level and asked; “Am I walking too fast for you?”

He confirmed the obvious.

And so I slowed down and walked with him instead of ahead of him, and that helped give us even more time together, taking advantage of these short “walks to school” or “business errands” for some more personal time.

During our conversation, I asked him: “Will you do me a favor? “When you grow up to be strong and fast, and I get old and weak, will you slow down for me?”

With that in mind, it is now easier to walk at my sons pace, even when I’m running late. I am reminded that it’s all about relationship, and using every experience to build our relationship, which, when it comes down to it, is really what matters most.