The simple joys of life

As Ann Spence put it so well, when she said “Many people miss out on the simple joys of life because they’re so overly stimulated by a vast selection of visual or auditory attractions, that it can be hard to sit still and enjoy the simple things in life. Unfortunately, in today’s high-paced society, it has become a problem with children often stating that they’re bored, because they’re so accustomed to fast-moving stimulation of movies and computer games.”
This is so true. I see it in my kids, which reminds me of why we initially got the idea of our story book series called “Hanging out with Jesus”. The purpose for these stories is two-fold. We want children to develop good moral values and character traits that they need in their everyday lives.
Secondly, these stories – giving a peek into the life of kids in Bible times – can help children appreciate what they have, that kids before them never had, and that most don’t have currently either. Even though it’s an ever-changing world and there is no comparison to children nowadays and children back then, still some of the lessons they had to learn while growing up were probably in some cases the same.
It may bring their attention back to nature and possibly add a little excitement to things they can do outdoors. They may begin asking about and wanting to experience some of these simple things of life; such as a walk in the forest, a day by the pond, watching the frogs and ducks, helping dad fix something in the garage etc. These are things that we want our children to experience and appreciate at some point in their lives? What do you think?