The biggest Christmas present ever

Since the title almost says it all, there’s not much for me to say really. I got a trampoline for Christmas, well, along with my brother of course. By its size you could say it’s the biggest present we ever got, in our entire lives!! What else do you get that’s bigger than your bed, besides a new bedroom or a new paint job on your bedroom, or how about a new wardrobe or… Hee, I’m going to get off the subject real quick if I start thinking about wardrobe. Well, yes, this trampoline, something I had my eye on for a very long time because I love to practice gymnasium, flips and tricks. And what better way than on a trampoline? It’s safe, it’s bouncy and it’s FUN in capital letters, which means I’ll say it real loud or I’ll say it again – IT’S FUN!!!

My dad called me “The Lady on the tramp” taken after the Disney movie I loved when I was a kid, “Lady and the Tramp”. He even took video clips of me doing some fun twirls and flips. It looks even better on video than me just talking about it here or trying to sketch it out with a pencil. Well, at least I think so cause I can’t even see what it looks like off the video. Anyway, we put it up at just the start of spring and I was able to use it a LOT. We didn’t have much rain this year and we had a hot spring, summer and autumn. That equals a lot of time outdoors and yes, on my trampoline. I call it “mine” cause I’m really the one who uses it most. We got these step trackers a few months back cause Dad and Mom wanted us to get our butts off the couch and getting some outdoor exercise and fresh air. When I get on the trampoline, I beat everyone easily. Except maybe Mom who does a lot of running around the house when she’s cold or while cooking, needing an ingredient from the back of the garden like some herbs or tomatoes or mostly when she runs up the stairs to go toilet. She says she prefers using the top toilet that way she gets more steps going up and down the stairs, rather than just using the one next to her office. All the trouble she puts herself into for getting more steps, still doesn’t compare to my jumps and great fun on the trampoline. Sometimes I even play the gratefulness game. With every jump, I think of something I’m thankful for and I end with a big “Thank You God!” every time I do a flip (or a fall, hee.)

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