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School shopping

Yes, it is a little late to talk about this, I know. But it was memorable, so I’ll have to mention it at least once in my dairy. And, before I forget to.

Well, this year Mom decided that Brother and I were old enough to do our own school shopping. She gave us the budget and the list and we were off. She stayed in the same shop, just in case we needed help, but we were on our own. I worked down my list, ticking off each thing as I put it in the trolley. But there was a tough choice. I need an agenda and there are all these beautiful ones for this big price. These really simple normal ones are kind of reasonably priced, but they just don’t call out to me. This one is saying “Pick me! Pick me!” What can I do?

I’ve been eyeing these backpacks for hours (well, minutes that seem like hours) and they’re also calling out to me. I would really really like a new backpack. You see, all the other kids have the latest Eastpac brand backpack that cost a fortune. They say it’s the best. Supposedly they last forever. But my brother got one two years ago and his is already trashed. Not sure what to think from that. Not that my brother is the most careful with his stuff or anything like that.

But I think I’ll go for the agenda. I can get by with my backpack from last year or with another cheaper one, but this agenda is so creative and beautiful. I can use it to doodle and draw when class gets a bit monotonous. Backpacks only have one purpose, but an empty book can be used for so many more things.

Okay, I’ve made my choice and thanks to the budget and the list, I think I’m all set for school now. Thanks to Dad and Mom too, for letting me handle this shopping spree. Now I can include another FIRST to my journal. I might have made a few wrong choices, but I think overall I did okay. And I’ll know for next year what worked and what didn’t.

I’m actually even kind of proud of myself for doing it. I’m glad when I get a little more responsibility. It feels good to do things on my own for a change. I know I can do it with Jesus’ help, even when I feel a little low on confidence.

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He made me mad

Well, last night Brother got me mad. He took my place during story time with Dad and Mom. It was my turn to sit in the middle, but he said it was his turn, when he had already sat there the night before. Then he said that whoever was ready for bed first would get to choose their place. And I was! Well, I kind of cheated because I was getting dressed into my pajamas on that very spot. And so he acted up real big and strong because of it. Dad and Mom sent us out of the room to work things out. Brother yelled at me and I sat on the floor in a heap of tears. There was nothing to work out if he was the one who had to always be right, was there? Or if he was the only one that could get a word into the conversation.

But I decided to stay silent this once, as I knew that yelling back at him was not going to help the situation. He has the louder voice anyway. I waited till he calmed down and then… then it happened. Something made him stop. Something made him be quiet. Something even made him smile. Aha! Must have been the song that was playing in the background. Or maybe just the fact that I didn’t try to fight back? It made me think of that verse that says “A gentle answer turns away anger.” I was sad and offended and hurt, but I didn’t let it get me angry and yelling mad. Just waiting in my sad heap maybe did help? He finally called me to his room to write up a plan. A plan! I’ve never heard Brother say anything about a plan before. But what a genius idea. What! Did I really say that? Ok, well this once, he did come up with a smart solution. I sure preferred that over continuing to argue about what it is he wanted and me fighting back with what I wanted.

And so our plan… well it must have been a genius plan after all because it still works to do this day. I just wished that I would have thought of it first. Nothing too brainy, you know. Just some names and dates and check marks, that’s all.

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This is the snack the Lord has made

I asked Mom if she could prepare us a snack as I brought her a box of cookies. Yes, this was a big hint as to what I really wanted for snack. I thought I might as well do her a favor and help her out by giving her an idea for snack. Often, very often, she doesn’t know what to prepare for snack. She says that she already has to think of lunch and dinner menus, so breakfasts and snacks can be up to us to figure out sometimes. Ok, so I was doing just that, wasn’t I?

Why these?” she asked me. “I was saving these for a special occasion or for when we have guests over.”

I replied in my most gentle voice, that today was a special day because the Lord made it. We should rejoice and be glad in it.

By why should that special day include cookies?” she asked. “Can we be happy and rejoice without these cookies?”

Well, yes, we can.” was my reply. “But we can be even happier because of these cookies. Plus God made food for us to enjoy, you know.”

But he didn’t make these cookies.” Mom went on.

But he made the ingredients,” I replied with my smart thinking brain. “And he gave people the gift of baking these cookies, so therefore it must mean that we can eat them right now and be glad as we do it.”

Mom gave a smile and a quiet “Okay! Though it sounds to me that the way you remember this verse is: This is the snack the Lord has made. I should be glad and take advantage of it.” 

Exactly right! She couldn’t have put it better! Well, most of all, I was kind of proud of myself for being so wise and so quick to answer. God must have helped me out with that one!

I did realize one thing though. Sometimes I don’t take the time to explain things so well. Maybe it’s really hard work for my brain to do that. And so I just ask a quick question, without really thinking about how to make it sound the most appealing for the person to answer in a positive way. And then I get upset if I don’t get my way. Here I used tactic, my best communication skills, a gentle voice and even a verse to back up my point. Please congratulate me!

How do you get your Dad or Mom to agree to something you would like?