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No Ice-cream

I got on the computer today. “…just for a little.” I told my mom. “I have a project I’m working on.” With an okay from mom, I enjoyed and took advantage of every minute to do my pretty background picture. But wait, what was it that I wanted to research? Oh yes, those Barbie princess dresses. And then there’s slime and pate-a-sel, and then more dresses and styles… The few minutes quickly turned to an hour and then another hour. Mom passed by and saw me still sitting at the computer. I quickly changed screens to show off my beautiful background picture I’ve been working on “for two hours now”. It can’t get much more beautiful after such a long time.” Mom commented. “It’s already lovely just like it is.” I add a few more touches of color to it and then decide to change the whole set of colors.

Mom gently reminds me that it’s time to get off the computer, but I can’t, I’m in the middle of two or three shows. I’ll just say that I’ve got to redo my background again now that I’ve changed it. Mom’s a bit dumb, cause she actually believes me. But really I’m continuing my shows. Shh

But I don’t feel too great about it either. My heart feels a bit uneasy because I know I’m not doing what Mom asked me to do. I do want her to trust me. Dad tells me that my leash is getting shorter now that I’ve gone too far with computer time.

My brother just picked up some ice-creams for dessert. I can’t wait, it’s such a hot day! “I’m sorry,” Mom says. “But no ice-cream for Dina.” What?!! Why?!! No way!!! Mom explained to me that it’s because I took too much time on the computer. Oh no. She found out. Or maybe she actually knew that I wasn’t just doing my beautiful background project. I try to plead with her and say that I’d rather have my ice-cream. I suggest another punishment instead. I’ll skip out on a whole week of computer and iPad time instead. “Are you sure?” Mom asks me. I heartily agree. I really want that ice-cream. Mom thinks I’m being a little hard on myself, but there’s nothing better right now that enjoying this ice-cream.

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Our Family Fun nights

As promised, I will tell you about our family nights. It’s not as complicated as it seems. Just pay attention to the name. Night – because it happens at night, well not at night but evening till night. Family – it’s because we do it as a family. If one of us is not there, it’s not family night. If one of us is sick, we pros pone it to another evening. It’s something we do together because that’s what makes it special. Even though I don’t always get along with my brother, Family night just seems to erase all those things we were upset at each other for, the week, the day or hour before. And we couldn’t have family nights without Mom’s yummy dinners. Our Friday family tradition is pizza dinner. Mom comes up with lots of crazy ways to make pizza. Whole, in shapes or pieces, folded in half, veggie pizzas, sardine pizzas, bean, broccoli, eggplant or egg pizza. You name it and Mom’s tried it, almost. I won’t say they all succeeded in being our favorites, but she’s quite good at it. There’s at least one thing we like on the pizza. Melted cheese!!!

After dinner, we listen out for our next instructions for the evening. Usually we all like to write it down, though Dad prefers not to. He’s got a brain big enough to fit all the games he wants to play that evening, without having to forget about other important things that are already on his mind. Mom writes down her plan, I think just to give her an excuse to draw doodles and decors around it. I write it mine down using the most colors possible. And Brother… well brother writes it down plainly. Family nights are different every time because we take turns planning them and we’re all so different. But that’s the best part of it. Dad, Mom, Brother and I all get a turn to plan the activity, prepare the snack and decide how late we get to stay up. Oops, but it is late. I do have to go to bed. Good night then. I’ll have to finish my activity tales tomorrow.