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A new journaling experience

My mom is an author and an artist and well, she just finished this girl journal series. I wonder if she kind of did them for me to begin with. I ranted and raved about how much I loved them and how I just couldn’t wait for them to come out for real, I mean in print form. I only saw them on her computer or on paper while she was drawing them. It’s nothing like being able to hold it and treasure it and call it my own.

And the day finally arrived, not for all of them at once, but two to start with! That was good enough for me. I was overjoyed when Dad and Mom gave me my very own set of them. I brought them to school the next day to show them off to some friends and right away they wanted them too. Either I’m a really great sales girl or the books sell themselves. They’re so pretty and girly and my favorite colors so that must be what attracts the other girls too, hee.

Anyway, I sat with a friend who also bought a set of them and we colored away. She started at the beginning of the book while I just colored mine randomly. She finished each page she started while I colored one thing from one page then another thing from another page. She read the text on each page, while I just ignored them all together. She wrote on and filled up the blank lines while I just saw them as part of the décor. Either I have it wrong or my friend has it wrong? Or is there an in-between?

Mom noticed what I was doing and said that she’d also like to start keeping a journal and that we could do it together. That’s fine with me and I guess will be something new that I haven’t really done before. Is that why I’m not getting it right? I think my brain has a hard time following a routine. I have a hard time getting my morning routine done. I start good and well but then something distracts me and I go and do that instead. And it’s not just one time, it happens at least 5 times and by the time it’s time to go, oops, I forgot my morning routine. Oh, but I just love to create and make things. It’s calling out to me, there on my desk. All those colors and markers and tapes and papers and stickers? But I get tripped off so easily. I guess I’m just really scatter brain. Mom tells me that that’s a “creative” brain. That sounds a bit better.

Anyway, since a little while, Mom and I have started keeping a journal. It’s a whole new thing for me. It might take a bit of getting used to but I love it. It’s turning out to be “really me”, this whole “organization, making a habit to keep a journal, following through on things” thing. The best part of it is that I can look back on my book and see all that I’ve accomplished so far. I don’t have to randomly find the pages I’ve worked on. And they’re all special in their own way. I enjoyed coloring each one so far, even though maybe some topics I may be more into at the time than others. It’s a coloring book on all different topics and with Bible verses on the topic, then a little journal question for me to personalize. Then there’s the other one with one side to color and the other plain blank lines to journal on. You’ve got to try them, these books!!! Maybe you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

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My Clean-up Routine

I have a hard time getting my room cleaned up all in one go. We have this thing in our family that if we want our movie night, our room must be picked up, dusted and vacuumed. Who ever thought up of that rule? Well, that’s off the subject right now, but it was definitely NOT me. I would have opted instead for the one who could have the most things on their floor and still be able to walk through without breaking anything, contest. I’d be sure to win every time! That’s quite the challenge, I think. I could even make it in the book of records.

But Dad and Mom have concocted up another way for me to get my room done. You see, I have a hard time doing it all in one go. It’s too big! Too overwhelming! I feel like I can’t even get started. “You need some courage to get started!” they tell me. Or “This will take lots of perseverance to get it done, but I know you can do it!” and on and on. I know all that stuff already. Well, now whenever I ask them something, if I need help for reaching something that’s high, or I want a special snack or maybe I want to watch something with Mom as we cuddle on the couch, or I’d like her to make my hair for a change… they ask me to clean up something in my room FIRST.

They like to use the words “…as soon as…” For example, as soon as you’ve cleaned your desk. As soon as you’ve made your bed. As soon as you’ve put away your clean laundry, etc, etc. etc. No matter how much I don’t like those word “as soon as” and it often makes me screech, it’s actually been kind of helpful because that way I get my room done little by little and that way it’s not too big and overwhelming.

I do have a little trick though and I don’t think they’ve noticed yet. Shhh. Don’t tell them. When they ask me to do my bed, I make it and pile whatever is on the bed, onto the desk or floor. If they ask me to do the floor, I put whatever’s there back on my bed. Or I move it to my desk. My little pile of stuff gets gently moved from place to place, but I can still honestly say I did my bed or my desk or the floor because I DID DO IT! Is that being deceiving? I know that’s not totally honest, neither really lying either. Mmmm. I’ve got to think about that one.