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The biggest Christmas present ever

Since the title almost says it all, there’s not much for me to say really. I got a trampoline for Christmas, well, along with my brother of course. By its size you could say it’s the biggest present we ever got, in our entire lives!! What else do you get that’s bigger than your bed, besides a new bedroom or a new paint job on your bedroom, or how about a new wardrobe or… Hee, I’m going to get off the subject real quick if I start thinking about wardrobe. Well, yes, this trampoline, something I had my eye on for a very long time because I love to practice gymnasium, flips and tricks. And what better way than on a trampoline? It’s safe, it’s bouncy and it’s FUN in capital letters, which means I’ll say it real loud or I’ll say it again – IT’S FUN!!!

My dad called me “The Lady on the tramp” taken after the Disney movie I loved when I was a kid, “Lady and the Tramp”. He even took video clips of me doing some fun twirls and flips. It looks even better on video than me just talking about it here or trying to sketch it out with a pencil. Well, at least I think so cause I can’t even see what it looks like off the video. Anyway, we put it up at just the start of spring and I was able to use it a LOT. We didn’t have much rain this year and we had a hot spring, summer and autumn. That equals a lot of time outdoors and yes, on my trampoline. I call it “mine” cause I’m really the one who uses it most. We got these step trackers a few months back cause Dad and Mom wanted us to get our butts off the couch and getting some outdoor exercise and fresh air. When I get on the trampoline, I beat everyone easily. Except maybe Mom who does a lot of running around the house when she’s cold or while cooking, needing an ingredient from the back of the garden like some herbs or tomatoes or mostly when she runs up the stairs to go toilet. She says she prefers using the top toilet that way she gets more steps going up and down the stairs, rather than just using the one next to her office. All the trouble she puts herself into for getting more steps, still doesn’t compare to my jumps and great fun on the trampoline. Sometimes I even play the gratefulness game. With every jump, I think of something I’m thankful for and I end with a big “Thank You God!” every time I do a flip (or a fall, hee.)

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My prep routine

I put on my beautiful dress on and all set for church. No, but wait! One more very important thing I can’t forget. My make-up case, the one that’s in a book and that I can practice on the girls’ faces in the book. But I cheated a little cause I usually practice on myself instead. Why would I want to use up the make up for those papers anyway? How sad to waste those beautiful colors when I can make myself look beautiful instead. Mom says that beauty comes from within. It’s a character thing, not just with the clothes that you wear and the make up that you put on. She says I’m just beautiful as I am. Only grown ups sometimes need a little make up to give them a little more color and shine. But does that mean that I’m more beautiful on the inside than Mom is or than older women are? I don’t get it.

Mom says it takes work to be beautiful, so I’m getting to work on this make-up practice. Maybe by the time I’m allowed to wear it every day, I will have mastered the art. It is like an artist, having to choose from this whole palette of colors, making sure no colors clash. I remember the first time I put on make up. I thought I looked beautiful but now thinking back about it, I think I looked more scary than anything. Yes, I’ve been practicing, you see. Well, mainly on my friends. Oh, my poor friends. I think when they got home, their moms must have told them to go straight to the bathroom to wash it all off.

Oh, yes, back to my getting ready for church now. After pretty clothes, make-up, the most important thing, I am told, is my inside beauty (like I said before). I’m sure I have more to learn on that one. I don’t quite grasp the whole thing yet. But I shoot up a little prayer to God, “I’ve worked hard to be beautiful on the outside, but only You can make me beautiful on the inside. Please give me lots of inside beauty for today as I meet all my friends at church. I want them to see that it’s your beauty that matters most of all. Amen.”

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Girly Fun

I’m here again talking about babysitting. Well, sometimes I have one little girl and sometimes I have two at once. They’re sisters and adorable as can be. The older one, who is just 3, wants to do all the big girl things that I do, especially when I have just her to babysit. So today I decided we will have a beauty salon. It’s only on special rare occasions that I get to put on make up, but babysitting is one of those rare occasions, isn’t it? It’s almost as special as going to a wedding or someone’s birthday party. I’m not actually doing it for myself, but I’m really doing it for someone else. To her it’s called “dress up like a princess” or “becoming a queen”. Imagine if I had that for a job? I realized, after the make-up job, that I really did need more practice, especially if I wanted to ever do it on a princess or a queen. To confirm this, the little girl I babysat, ran to tell her mom with a big beautiful smile on her face, that she was becoming a clown princess. How’s that for a compliment?

After the make-up ordeal, that I realized needed way more practice on myself first, before I do it on anyone else, ever. I should ask Mom to let me do this make-up thing so that I can get better at it. It will be a little hard if I can’t practice doing it until I’m allowed to actually wear it. I’ll be as bad off as I am now. Or maybe…? Maybe she’ll let me do it on her. That’s a great idea!

So we put on make up and then we put on nail polish. The problem is that this little girl wants to do it all herself. I helped her with the make up thing, but the nail polish, well, she has to do it all by herself, she does! She gets close enough to her finger nails and toe nails, along with plenty of finger and toe of course, but it just makes her more colorful that’s all. I hope her mom won’t mind too much. It was enough with the “clown princess”. Later, I realized that her mom loved her no matter what she looked like. That reminds me of Jesus’ love for me. He cares about me even if I look like a clown face, not knowing how to put on make-up. He loves me for being me.