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Water colors

Mom got herself some water colors to tryout. She’s been wanting them for a long time and so have I. So guess what we did all morning? We colored and colored and colored some more. I colored some mandalas then I drew my own picture and colored it. I didn’t have a paint brush to use because it was all the way up in my room and that was a long journey away. So instead Mom had the bright idea to use a plate with some water inside it. We dipped the tips of the pencils and then colored or painted onto our papers.

It turned out quite nicely and we made a few masterpieces. Although the pencil tips kept breaking. These weren’t top quality, Mom said. She only got them to try them out and see if they worked at all. Even if they only lasted us 1 week, (because we did a LOT of coloring in just a little while), it was worth it. I enjoyed some Mommy time, just her and I coloring together. I kind of like doing activities that my brother doesn’t enjoy, that way I get to have Mom all to myself, hee.

I wonder if God feels that way about me too sometimes. He likes to have all of me and he appreciates it when I don’t share that time with anyone or anything else. 

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Mimi brings me a gift

It’s the weekend and I’ve had a few very late nights, that must explain the tiredness I’ve been feeling. Yesterday I took a whole 3 hour nap and I never take naps! What’s with that? It’s okay cause I didn’t have much to do during that time anyway, besides maybe cleaning my room. But just thinking about it makes me feel 99% more tired. Not my room, again!

When I feel it’s finally cleaned up, Mom comes and tells me to clean it up. I just don’t get it. Yes, I have toys all over the floor, but I’m playing with them. Yes, I have clothes all over the floor, but I just had to try them on to find a matching outfit. Yes, I have markers all over my desk, but I was just drawing. Can’t she see that I’m still using all that? I think all she can see is mess, and even after I’ve cleaned up my room. She comes in and spots that one or two or three pieces of trash in the corner of the floor behind my desk. Her eyes don’t work that well to notice all the things I’ve already picked up. …Well maybe because there are still more things out than picked up, hee. I love my Mom and I’m actually thankful that she reminds me to keep my room clean cause otherwise, unbeknownst to me, I would probably have invited a whole lot of unwanted creatures in there.

The other day Mimi, my cat, brings into my room a tiny cute little mouse that she found in the barn. Yikes! Yes, she killed it but she just wanted to show it off and maybe find it a home. Mom said “I wonder why she chose YOUR room to bring it to. Does she feel the smell matched it well? Or maybe she thought the mouse would feel more at home in my dirty room?” Ah, Mom! I didn’t like what she said and I certainly didn’t like what Mimi did. I quickly yelled for help! And Dad came to the rescue, in no time, hearing my signal of distress. My “knight in shining armor”, or more like in shorts and sandals, but that’s okay.

He’s my big, strong Dad, willing to help me whenever I ask for help (and if Mom agrees that he helps me). Sometimes Mom writes him secret Skype notes or an sms letting him know that he can’t help me UNTIL I’ve done something else first. Usually it’s to do with my job of lunch or dinner dishes. Brother and I take turns every day with it and sometimes I like to take a big long break before I do my dishes. I need extra energy to get started, so I lay on the couch for a few minutes beforehand. Actually, I kind of do it because the longer I stay out of the kitchen, the more Mom does some of her cooking dishes and cleaning. I don’t mind her doing a whole lot of other cleaning too, hee. Dad has to gently remind her that it’s my job. Ah, that’s when Dad is not really a help to me anymore.

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Our Trash Disposal Trip

Today was vacation with Mom and Grandma, as Dad was busy at a young people’s camp and I’m not yet old enough to go. Grandpa and my uncle were home doing some renovating work on the farm house that’s totally old fashioned and rustic. Everything was like really really old, like hundreds and hundreds of years old. I could tell by the amount of cobwebs there was all over the place.

Anyway, I think Mom had enough of the cobwebs so she and Grandma decided to take us out for a drive, or maybe more like a shopping trip as we had to stock up our fridge with something for this week we would spend together at the farm.

First we had some garbage to dispose of, you know the sorting type of garbage: paper, plastic and glass type. So we drove to the next little tiny town to get to it. This place is full of tiny cute towns, surrounded by mountains and forests, really beautiful. That’s where our farm is located too. So out of the car we went to stretch our legs and sort out the trash. Our next stop was the shop. After driving on some country roads, we reached the highway, where we could drive a little faster. Suddenly I yell out to Mom, “The back door is open!” But Grandma was sure she closed it and Mom was sure that Grandma wouldn’t have forgotten to close it. How ridiculous it would have been, to be driving on the highway with the boot wide open.

But…. It was left open! With a gasp or horror, Mom was embarrassed to the utmost. She quickly slowed down a bit in case something would fall out of the back. Nothing much in there but maybe some empty shopping bags and, well, Grandpa’s beloved trumpet that he forgot in the boot from the other day.

Five more minutes passed and we finally found a spot to stop the car and close the boot. That was a close call. I’m sure I’ll never forget to do that when I start driving. I can learn from the mistakes of others and that’s part of growing up, isn’t it? But most of all, we had a good laugh, all the way home. But wait till Grandpa and Uncle heard about it! I’ll leave it to your imagination! (laugh, laugh)

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Dinner Prep

I was on dinner again yesterday because, well, I left the kitchen after lunch. What’s so bad about that? Well, it was my turn on dishes and by the time I got started with something else, I had totally forgotten that I was even on dishes. So instead of Mom having to call me back into the kitchen to do the job, she did it herself but then I had to do something in exchange for her, like cook dinner or… well, just cook dinner. Unless of course it’s dinner dishes that I’m on, then I usually still have to do it or pay her to do it. I sometimes pay her because I’m sooooo tired and I just feel like going to bed and watch something or read together as a family. Though it’s not really as a family if Mom still has to be in the kitchen doing dishes, or ME for that matter. I’m starting to just do it real quick and get it out of the way. It’s when I wait and wait before starting the job or get tripped off with something else, that it seems so long and hard to do.

Oh right, back to dinner prep, my favorite thing of all is to prepare salads. I like making salads chalk full of all kinds of things, stuffing it with as many healthy things that I can think of, that could match into it of course. I counted at dinner with Dad and Mom how many healthy things were in my salad. Actually, I had them count and figure out what I put in it, heehee. I couldn’t forget onions. That’s one of my very favorite things to spice up any and all dishes, besides sweet ones of course. They tell me that I got that from my grandpa, cause he loves onions too. They even made him a birthday meal that contained onions in each dish.

The only part of the onion that I don’t like is… well the preparation part. Peeling them is okay and my eyes get just a bit itchy. But then I get in a bundle of tears when peeling them. I end up not being able to see anything and I have to ask Mom to finish cutting it up for me. Today for dinner prep, I wasn’t going to let anything hold me back and I didn’t think I could ask Mom if I was to be doing dinner for her. So I got the bright idea… to…. Well, I ran upstairs to my swimming bag and got out my goggles. That should do the trick! I thought. And it did! It was a tight fit, too tight to let any onion air in my eyes and too tight to let out any tears too, if I had any. And best of all, Dad and Mom loved my salad and they counted 6 things in total, all healthy ones too. I congratulated myself with a cookie at the end.

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Beauty or Not?

I got this Beauty book from Mom as a little gift. But what’s a Beauty book for anyways? I didn’t quite get it. And then to top if all off, Grandma gave me another beauty book for my birthday. Is it because they think I’m not beautiful enough? Or that I have more to learn about it? I thought I was already pretty far along in “beautifying myself”. I kind of do that myself by looking at others my age (at school) or maybe those a little older than me (in high school). How do they dress? What style of clothes are IN these days? I find that out myself really, from magazines or window shopping or when on special occasions, Mom takes me to do some girly shopping, like on my birthday. Or I may be curious how they do their hair? What’s the make-up color in style? Etc.

I’m guessing that because both Grandma and Mom are not so into style or beauty, well they are beautiful in their own way and they dress nicely (most of the time), but it maybe just isn’t my style I guess. And they don’t take a lot of time for themselves. My mom doesn’t go to the hairdresser, she just likes her hair long and easy to take care of without washing with all these special shampoos or drying every day. I don’t think I’d even have time for that either. I don’t know what I’m trying to say here except that, well, beauty is important to me, it is! But from a book? What if the person in the book wrote it for them or for their daughter? And what if I’m different and have a different body figure or a different color of hair and skin so might need a different blush?

I cracked open a few pages of the book tonight as I lay in bed and I actually became interested. There are a lot of things I didn’t even know about. I didn’t think that taking care of my nails or my skin was so important. I didn’t know that using the right shampoo for my type of hair was important. I didn’t know a lot of other things…

I just realized something!!! Lo and behold!!! There are a few things I can learn from those older than me, what they do or don’t know and I can learn from books too. Maybe all that helps me to put together the beauty tips that are just right for me. One of the beauty books is very practical and the other talks about ways that I can be beautiful on the inside, with a loving and meek heart.