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My prep routine

I put on my beautiful dress on and all set for church. No, but wait! One more very important thing I can’t forget. My make-up case, the one that’s in a book and that I can practice on the girls’ faces in the book. But I cheated a little cause I usually practice on myself instead. Why would I want to use up the make up for those papers anyway? How sad to waste those beautiful colors when I can make myself look beautiful instead. Mom says that beauty comes from within. It’s a character thing, not just with the clothes that you wear and the make up that you put on. She says I’m just beautiful as I am. Only grown ups sometimes need a little make up to give them a little more color and shine. But does that mean that I’m more beautiful on the inside than Mom is or than older women are? I don’t get it.

Mom says it takes work to be beautiful, so I’m getting to work on this make-up practice. Maybe by the time I’m allowed to wear it every day, I will have mastered the art. It is like an artist, having to choose from this whole palette of colors, making sure no colors clash. I remember the first time I put on make up. I thought I looked beautiful but now thinking back about it, I think I looked more scary than anything. Yes, I’ve been practicing, you see. Well, mainly on my friends. Oh, my poor friends. I think when they got home, their moms must have told them to go straight to the bathroom to wash it all off.

Oh, yes, back to my getting ready for church now. After pretty clothes, make-up, the most important thing, I am told, is my inside beauty (like I said before). I’m sure I have more to learn on that one. I don’t quite grasp the whole thing yet. But I shoot up a little prayer to God, “I’ve worked hard to be beautiful on the outside, but only You can make me beautiful on the inside. Please give me lots of inside beauty for today as I meet all my friends at church. I want them to see that it’s your beauty that matters most of all. Amen.”

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My Sneaky Slime Stories

I have to let you in on a little secret, but my mom’s not supposed to know about it. You see, she doesn’t like me doing this because it makes a mess and I really don’t want to clean it up. Then it stays on my windowsill or my desk for a few weeks and usually hardens and ruins something. I started out telling her that it’s my science project from school. But that didn’t work for too long. “You’ve got to be learning something else besides this in science class.” she told me. Yup, we do! And then I told her it’s because my friends can’t do it at their home, so they come and do it here with me. “And why can’t they do it at their home?” she asks. Not sure but I’m guessing it’s for the same reason that my Mom doesn’t want me to do it either.

Can you guess what it is? SLIME! Slippery, slimy, very sticky and sometimes stinky slime. That’s why we like to add some of Mom’s soaps or shampoos in there. But after a few empty bottles left in the bathroom, she was not happy. I’ve had to do it in secret now. So I’ve tried a few hiding places. Behind my desk, under my bed or behind my curtain, on the windowsill. Why does she always seem to come in the room and need me when… when I’m in the middle of it. Yikes! She’s been okay with it now, but she hasn’t helped me clean it up anymore. I guess that makes me think twice if I really want to get into this sneaky slimy mess. My friends don’t clean it up. They leave just before it’s time to do so. I don’t blame them at all. But at the moment, it’s the most exciting thing to do. Mixing powders and liquids and gels and colors and getting something so slippery and slimy as the end result. That’s a real science project if you ask me.

I could grow up being a scientist or something. It’s a useful skill, making something out of what seems to be so nothing. I know, Jesus does that with me. I’m just a little silly thing sometimes but He uses me to be a blessing to others. That’s a big thing!