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It was MY idea!

It’s one thing when my mom reminds and nags at me to clean my room or do my house chores, but it’s a totally different thing when I think of it all by my very own self. That’s when I really get a kick of doing it. The other day I got this totally bright idea! You see, we get a little pocket money every time we do a little job around the house, not counting dishes and setting the table of course. But things like sweeping the stairs, the garage, cleaning the toilets, dusting the surfaces, that sort of thing. So we have this chart with the payments of each job. Brother does quite a bit of them because he gets to the jobs first and does all the easier ones. Though I prefer to do one bigger job and get a little more for it in one go. I guess both work and we sort of end up with the same at the end of the week, which is when we get paid.

I think Dad and Mom wanted us to experience what it will be like when we get older. We have to work hard and do a good job if want any pay. Being slack and lazy doesn’t really get us anywhere or anything. Oh yes! I was going to tell you my bright idea. Well, at least my friend and I thought it was. We had the chart in front of us while my friend and I ate breakfast. Oops, I forgot to tell you that she had a sleep over at my place since we really wanted to see each other and also she lives kind of far. But were we glad for that. So the chart, yes! She asked me what it was for and so I explained it to her. And together, in one go, we both yelled out, “Let’s make some money!!!” with bright eyes and a smile beaming across our faces.

It was a very hot day and we did feel like getting an ice-cream. But I didn’t want to use up my pocket money for that. I usually prefer using it on something that keeps a little longer than a snack that is over in a few minutes. So we found all the jobs that weren’t done that we could do. We started with the most expensive ones and then worked our way through the list on all the ones we felt we could manage. We felt exhausted after, but it was even kind of fun. Sure beats doing the jobs alone. Plus we had a real cool (literally “cool”) incentive. We could finally enjoy our delicious cold ice-cream! Yes, the money was gone right away, yes the snack was gone quickly too (for fear of melting), but you can imagine the satisfaction of a clean house that WE had helped to clean and it also kept us from experiencing that awful thing called “boredom”.

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No Ice-cream

I got on the computer today. “…just for a little.” I told my mom. “I have a project I’m working on.” With an okay from mom, I enjoyed and took advantage of every minute to do my pretty background picture. But wait, what was it that I wanted to research? Oh yes, those Barbie princess dresses. And then there’s slime and pate-a-sel, and then more dresses and styles… The few minutes quickly turned to an hour and then another hour. Mom passed by and saw me still sitting at the computer. I quickly changed screens to show off my beautiful background picture I’ve been working on “for two hours now”. It can’t get much more beautiful after such a long time.” Mom commented. “It’s already lovely just like it is.” I add a few more touches of color to it and then decide to change the whole set of colors.

Mom gently reminds me that it’s time to get off the computer, but I can’t, I’m in the middle of two or three shows. I’ll just say that I’ve got to redo my background again now that I’ve changed it. Mom’s a bit dumb, cause she actually believes me. But really I’m continuing my shows. Shh

But I don’t feel too great about it either. My heart feels a bit uneasy because I know I’m not doing what Mom asked me to do. I do want her to trust me. Dad tells me that my leash is getting shorter now that I’ve gone too far with computer time.

My brother just picked up some ice-creams for dessert. I can’t wait, it’s such a hot day! “I’m sorry,” Mom says. “But no ice-cream for Dina.” What?!! Why?!! No way!!! Mom explained to me that it’s because I took too much time on the computer. Oh no. She found out. Or maybe she actually knew that I wasn’t just doing my beautiful background project. I try to plead with her and say that I’d rather have my ice-cream. I suggest another punishment instead. I’ll skip out on a whole week of computer and iPad time instead. “Are you sure?” Mom asks me. I heartily agree. I really want that ice-cream. Mom thinks I’m being a little hard on myself, but there’s nothing better right now that enjoying this ice-cream.