The body book

My parents are into all this teaching about the body thing. They told Brother and I that it’s the age we should learn about it because we will hear things at school or from our friends and they want us to have the right knowledge about it. But I don’t get what could be the …

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I’m growing up

It’s baby sitting day! No, I’m not going to have a baby sitter watching over me making sure I eat my breakfast and do my homework and do other things besides watching you tube videos. I’m doing babysitting. No, I’m not sitting on a baby and a baby is not sitting on me. I’m not …

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I Miss my Clothes

“No, not that one!” I shouted. “No, not that one either!” Mom made three piles with clothes I had just tried on, that didn’t fit me anymore. One pile to throw away, with stains, holes and lots of wear. Another pile to give away, to someone who we knew could fit into them and appreciate …

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The Gift

Everyone waited with a big breath! What could it be? The bag opened almost too slowly… and then… we saw it! The most beautiful dress ever! From my dear Aunt. She always gets me a dress for my birthday. She said that this year she couldn’t find one that she liked so she was about …

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