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Best not make a bad “onion” decision

I’m still thinking about what Mom said the other day… about the spirit of Christmas, about gifts, about Grandma and Grandpa and my relatives… I’d like to get them something, because it will probably come out way nicer than if I made something. I don’t know if they’d even use what I make them because maybe it won’t come out so strong and sturdy or not as pretty and fancy as I want it to be. Dad has some extra cement so I’m thinking of what might look nice with cement… candlesticks or candle cups for Grandma? Plant pots or a tray with my signature carved into it? Oh, I really don’t know.

Hey but wait. I do know of one thing: Grandpa likes to eat and I like to bake. That sounds like a good combination to me. Cookies for Grandpa is one thing I have decided on so far. I like chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon or sesame seeds ones. But… wait! What would he like? I’ve got a little bit more time to do some secret research on this, and then… then I’ll be absolutely sure of what to do. And maybe while I’m making the cookies, some inspirational idea will come to me for a Grandma gift. I’ll keep my pen and notebook in my pocket just in case some idea jumps out of my mind.

Another thought… while I do the cookie research, how about some “handy items” research that could be used by Grandma. I’ve got lots to do the next time I go visit.

Come to think of it, I do have one idea for Grandpa. He loves onions. Onions is his thing. Whenever we think of Grandpa, we think onions. And when we think onions, we think Grandpa. But, don’t know if onion flavor cookies would work too well. Okay, I’d better wait patiently on this one and not hurry too much to make a decision right right now, in case I make a bad “onion” decision.

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The Spirit of Christmas

This morning, Dad and Mom, Brother and I sat comfortably and cozy on the couch sipping our hot morning “coffees” (aka: chicory or hot cocoa). Why? Because we’re on holidays and because Dad and Mom work from home so can choose to get up a little later (depending on what time we all go to bed) and have a family breakfast time. We usually only get to do that on the weekend. And this morning we happened to get on the topic of Christmas. Not too early to talk about it, is what I say!

Usually it begins when we decorate, but that happens only after November 17th, after my brother’s birthday. We made it our family tradition to start decorating then since my brother loves it. I guess it should count as part of his birthday gift, don’t you think? Why does he get all the decorations on his birthday or so close to his birthday? Well, I shouldn’t complain. My birthday comes first which means more chance of it being a warm enough day to do something outdoors. That just opens up way more possibilities of some FUN! Although, we rarely do anything outside because we can’t plan that far in advance with the wacky weather forecast. Oh well!

Mom brings up the topic of Christmas, that’s right! But not Christmas decorations that comes after Brother’s birthday. Not the Christmas lights that Dad is planning to prep the plugs for today or tomorrow or the day after. Not even the Christmas cookies that we can start making already 2 months ahead (that’s cause she already talked about that yesterday while I was doing some cookie baking). She talked, and then Dad joined in of course, about the “spirit of Christmas”. She said Brother and I should start thinking about what we’d like to give or make for Grandpa and Grandma for Christmas, since it’s a time for giving after all.

Every year they get us presents, and when we were young we would make them something too. But since we’ve gotten a bit older now, Mom doesn’t do many more arts and crafts projects with us anymore and so we don’t have anything to give them. She said we can either create and make something, which is giving of our time, or get something with our own money, giving of our things. That is a thoughtful thing to do after all. They do so many special things for us throughout the year. The least we can do is get them a Christmas present.