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Let’s go berry picking!

I’m here at my desk, thinking back over some wonderful summer days…

“Let’s go pick berries!” called Dad from the hallway.

“I’ll be right there!” I called back.

“As soon as the kitchen is clean and your stuff is put away.” Dad continued.

I’m not sure if he called me just because he wanted to go berry picking or because he wanted me to put my things away. Mom did remind me a few times already but since she doesn’t really do anything if I do it or not, I’ll see how long I can put it off with her. But now Dad is involved too, oh no! That’s another story.

“Alright,” I softy replied, as I dragged my feet very slowly into the kitchen and hallway, picking up my leftover snack and shoes scattered around. Then I dashed off to change my clothes into black ones. I was wearing a white shirt and a white skirt so it wouldn’t work too great to get some red polka dots onto it after berry picking. You see, I already have a polka dot outfit that Mom loves and one’s enough for me.

With our little buckets in hand, we finally made it out the door (away from Mom’s reminders), to go pick our berries. It’s the season to be jolly, lalalala lalalala. Picking berries with my daddy, lalalala, lalalala.

One into the bucket, then 10 into my mouth. 1 more into the bucket, 20 into my mouth. Oh wait, the two in the bucket look too delicious to miss. Plop, into my mouth they go. Picking berries is great fun, especially when I can eat as many as I want. Dad’s on the other side of the bush picking plenty in his bucket. I think that will be enough for all of us. I could just imagine all the wonderful desserts we could make with all his berries. And that way I can put mine in my tummy instead, that’s feeling a little hungry at the moment. Or is it more my taste buds that feel greedy?

“Wow!” What a surprise Mom has when we return home with a bucket full of beautiful black berries. She gives Dad and I a huge big hug. But then I tell her that I only picked out one of those berries. Dad did all the rest. “Well then, I’ll enjoy that one delicious berry that you picked!” Mom smiled and gave me another big hug for that one probably delicious berry, picked with soooo much love. I like that. It makes me think of Jesus’ love, how He loves me just as if I was the only one girl in the whole wide ­world.

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It Finally Happened!

Yes! Finally! It happened! My birthday! This once a year special occasion. Only this time I had to wait 2 months before we found just the right time to do it with my friends and family. Dad and Mom were very busy and the other times that I wanted to do it, like during vacations, my friends were not around or some other friends had planned their birthdays first. I did get to have 2 birthdays this month but not my own, ha. Well, so it was finally happening! I had hoped and planned for a wonderful, amazing and exciting time.

But then it happened…. and I didn’t feel any different afterwards. Mom and I spent 2 days planning and setting it up, going shopping, decorating, cooking, baking, etc. I know she really tried her bed to make it special for me. And she took lots of her time for it. And I helped her too, cause it was fun for me. But I just didn’t think that it would be all over with so so quickly.

All my friends came, made their pizzas and ate them just like that. I had planned to make a big fancy Italian pizza restaurant thing where they could create their own pizzas. I had done that like 4 years ago with my friends when I turned 7 and it was the funnest birthday ever. But this time it wasn’t the same. Maybe I expected too much? Maybe my friends were too old for that? Or cooking wasn’t special anymore for them because they could do it at home when they want to? I don’t know.

I was kind of disappointed. But well, if I didn’t try it, I wouldn’t have known. I don’t think I’ll plan that again. My friends just wanted to hang out in my room, jump on my very clean white sheets (Yikes!) or play with my birthday presents they just gave me, mixing up the slime and sparkles, which I had wanted to do by my very own self. But… they are my friends and well…. I guess they have that sort of thing about them that they can do in my room of their free accord… because we’re friends.

I didn’t feel too good about it but I was a bit shy to tell them not to jump on my bed. Mom had planned all these fun games and activities to go along the pizza birthday event, but they just wanted to hang out. I didn’t push for the games, even though I really looked forward to them, doing them WITH my friends. But I was worried that if we did them, they may not like them or maybe would not want to be friends with me anymore after. I don’t really know what I was thinking. And why is  it so hard to try to please everyone?

You know what, I’m glad that no matter what I do, even when I make mistakes or say or do the wrong things sometimes, God, my very best friend, still loves me to the full.