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The biggest Christmas present ever

Since the title almost says it all, there’s not much for me to say really. I got a trampoline for Christmas, well, along with my brother of course. By its size you could say it’s the biggest present we ever got, in our entire lives!! What else do you get that’s bigger than your bed, besides a new bedroom or a new paint job on your bedroom, or how about a new wardrobe or… Hee, I’m going to get off the subject real quick if I start thinking about wardrobe. Well, yes, this trampoline, something I had my eye on for a very long time because I love to practice gymnasium, flips and tricks. And what better way than on a trampoline? It’s safe, it’s bouncy and it’s FUN in capital letters, which means I’ll say it real loud or I’ll say it again – IT’S FUN!!!

My dad called me “The Lady on the tramp” taken after the Disney movie I loved when I was a kid, “Lady and the Tramp”. He even took video clips of me doing some fun twirls and flips. It looks even better on video than me just talking about it here or trying to sketch it out with a pencil. Well, at least I think so cause I can’t even see what it looks like off the video. Anyway, we put it up at just the start of spring and I was able to use it a LOT. We didn’t have much rain this year and we had a hot spring, summer and autumn. That equals a lot of time outdoors and yes, on my trampoline. I call it “mine” cause I’m really the one who uses it most. We got these step trackers a few months back cause Dad and Mom wanted us to get our butts off the couch and getting some outdoor exercise and fresh air. When I get on the trampoline, I beat everyone easily. Except maybe Mom who does a lot of running around the house when she’s cold or while cooking, needing an ingredient from the back of the garden like some herbs or tomatoes or mostly when she runs up the stairs to go toilet. She says she prefers using the top toilet that way she gets more steps going up and down the stairs, rather than just using the one next to her office. All the trouble she puts herself into for getting more steps, still doesn’t compare to my jumps and great fun on the trampoline. Sometimes I even play the gratefulness game. With every jump, I think of something I’m thankful for and I end with a big “Thank You God!” every time I do a flip (or a fall, hee.)

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Mimi brings me a gift

It’s the weekend and I’ve had a few very late nights, that must explain the tiredness I’ve been feeling. Yesterday I took a whole 3 hour nap and I never take naps! What’s with that? It’s okay cause I didn’t have much to do during that time anyway, besides maybe cleaning my room. But just thinking about it makes me feel 99% more tired. Not my room, again!

When I feel it’s finally cleaned up, Mom comes and tells me to clean it up. I just don’t get it. Yes, I have toys all over the floor, but I’m playing with them. Yes, I have clothes all over the floor, but I just had to try them on to find a matching outfit. Yes, I have markers all over my desk, but I was just drawing. Can’t she see that I’m still using all that? I think all she can see is mess, and even after I’ve cleaned up my room. She comes in and spots that one or two or three pieces of trash in the corner of the floor behind my desk. Her eyes don’t work that well to notice all the things I’ve already picked up. …Well maybe because there are still more things out than picked up, hee. I love my Mom and I’m actually thankful that she reminds me to keep my room clean cause otherwise, unbeknownst to me, I would probably have invited a whole lot of unwanted creatures in there.

The other day Mimi, my cat, brings into my room a tiny cute little mouse that she found in the barn. Yikes! Yes, she killed it but she just wanted to show it off and maybe find it a home. Mom said “I wonder why she chose YOUR room to bring it to. Does she feel the smell matched it well? Or maybe she thought the mouse would feel more at home in my dirty room?” Ah, Mom! I didn’t like what she said and I certainly didn’t like what Mimi did. I quickly yelled for help! And Dad came to the rescue, in no time, hearing my signal of distress. My “knight in shining armor”, or more like in shorts and sandals, but that’s okay.

He’s my big, strong Dad, willing to help me whenever I ask for help (and if Mom agrees that he helps me). Sometimes Mom writes him secret Skype notes or an sms letting him know that he can’t help me UNTIL I’ve done something else first. Usually it’s to do with my job of lunch or dinner dishes. Brother and I take turns every day with it and sometimes I like to take a big long break before I do my dishes. I need extra energy to get started, so I lay on the couch for a few minutes beforehand. Actually, I kind of do it because the longer I stay out of the kitchen, the more Mom does some of her cooking dishes and cleaning. I don’t mind her doing a whole lot of other cleaning too, hee. Dad has to gently remind her that it’s my job. Ah, that’s when Dad is not really a help to me anymore.

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The Gift

Everyone waited with a big breath! What could it be? The bag opened almost too slowly… and then… we saw it! The most beautiful dress ever! From my dear Aunt. She always gets me a dress for my birthday. She said that this year she couldn’t find one that she liked so she was about to get me something else. But then she did find one after all, last-minute thing. Oh, I’m so happy for the last minute she continued to look.

She treats me every birthday to a beautiful dress. She has a nice style, and chooses just what I like. This time it was dark blue and very thin, wavy material. It matched perfectly with my long blond hair. I tried it on and it was a just right fit. How does she get it perfect every time? How does she know I will like it? She must be very in tune, I think. I guess she was a girl my age once upon a time. And sometimes I guess that’s how God is with us. He knows what we’ll like and what is good for us even when we don’t always know it.

I saw Mom’s look on her face. I could tell that she wished she had one just like it. We kind of borrow each other’s clothes sometimes cause we’re almost the same size. I wear size 12 and she wears between 12 and 14. I’m only a few centimeters away from her now. The nurse at school measured me the other day. Mom was shocked how quickly I caught up, in just a few months. Well, usually it’s me borrowing her clothes cause she has lots more than I do. She goes to these book fairs and events and needs nice to clothes to wear there, so she gets a dress from her sister, my aunt, every year too, for her birthday. Those are always beautiful as well. Soon they’ll fit me. I can’t wait.

The other day I told Mom to take really good care of her clothes. When Dad asked why, I had to be honest. “Because they will belong to me soon! When I fit into them, I can have them.” But Dad was not convinced and let me know that even though I may be growing and changing and will very soon fit into her clothes, she is NOT. Oh boy! But that’s not what I wanted to hear.

I will still make sure that Mom takes really good care of all her pretty dresses and clothes. I can make sure she doesn’t stain them or over-wear them – for ME!! Is that even a word? Over-wear? Does it mean what it says? Well, it has lots of meaning to me. And, and I can’t forget about her shoes, her boots, her … Because, because, they will go to me soon! Sooner than she thinks. Look how quickly I grew? I guess to look on the bright side of things, the UPside is that I can at least borrow them sometimes. I guess we could still kind of “share” clothes maybe? Even though Dad says I can’t have Mom’s wardrobe.

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What Gift Should I Give?

I’ve been waiting to get some birthday invitations. We’ve moved here over a year ago and still none. I think I’ve beat everyone on that one. Even though I have some nice friends, I guess it takes a while before they start inviting you to their parties. I don’t blame then too much cause I haven’t invited any for mine yet either. Come to think of it, I haven’t even planned mine yet. I have a few ideas but I’ve got to talk it over with Mom since she’ll most likely have to help me with it, a whole lot!

But just this last week, in one chunk of time, I’ve gotten two invitations, from two very good friends, one from school and one from church. One at the beginning of the week, oh my, it’s TODAY, actually today… and the other at the end of the week with a sleep-over. I can’t wait, I’m so excited. But just one small problem. I have no gift yet! It’s happening in only a few short hours and I’ve got to be all pretty and permed and with the best gift of all. But I really don’t know what to get them. What do you get someone who you don’t really know so well yet? Before we moved, I could tell right away what my other friends would have liked. I knew what they were into and all that stuff that you know about your friends.

I just got it now! Being invited to their birthday and seeing what the other friends get might give me a good idea of what they like. But well, that will be too late to get them anything, won’t it? I’m just going to hop into the car, with Dad, cause he has to go do some business anyway, and maybe he’ll be able to do a shop stop for me, well for my friends. He’ll have to be willing to pay for whatever I buy too. Usually Mom takes care of all that stuff, with a little help from me. But she gotta stay home today in case the post man comes by to drop off something important. That’s the time that I really appreciate Mom. She does a lot of those gift things for me. She makes the packages all pretty and fancy. She helps pick just the right gifts even if she doesn’t know what the friends are into, she makes it beautiful enough to please anyone. I want to be just like that when I grow up. She knows how to cheer up others with her taste for decor and art.