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Our mountain hike

Wanna hear a funny story? This was back during summer vacations, out with Mom and Grandma, this time hiking in the forest. Brother, Cousin and I were really not into it at first, but it ended up being kind of fun and a little bit exciting too. Grandma had borrowed this book from the library, that included some walks and hikes along the mountains and lakes in the area and she thought it would be a great day to do one of them (the walks, that is), something to keep us busy on this fine vacation day. We kind of had to go out of the house because Grandpa and Uncle were working on some house renovations and they didn’t want us kids in the way.

At least there was sun and warmth so we didn’t mind being out too much. We drove to the starting point but it wasn’t very clear when it even started. The book said one thing and the signs said another. So at times it seemed like we were going in the right direction. Other times we were like walking with blindfolds on.

We finally paused for a little snack. Being out in nature makes you build up quite an appetite, you know.“What amazing trees!” We marveled as we counted all the different types of trees we could find. We were able to look up close and personal to many other amazing trees, plants and moss. Even odd types of leaves and seeds. “Look over here!” I called, as I admired some sap dripping down a pine tree. It’s coming down with quite a steady flow, I thought. After some more “Wow!’s” and “Amazing!’s” we had a closer look. I was just about to touch it and smell the wonderful fragrance of sap when… “Oh, actually, I just went pee there.” said Brother.

What? Oh boy! Was I glad that I hadn’t been there one second earlier to touch and smell pee. I was almost sick to my stomach realizing how close I was to it. But we did have a good laugh the whole rest of the trip home, which made the whole hike that much shorter… and way FUNNER! I guess I’d better take the time to stop, look and listen before acting on something. Or I might be mightily sorry.

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Our Trash Disposal Trip

Today was vacation with Mom and Grandma, as Dad was busy at a young people’s camp and I’m not yet old enough to go. Grandpa and my uncle were home doing some renovating work on the farm house that’s totally old fashioned and rustic. Everything was like really really old, like hundreds and hundreds of years old. I could tell by the amount of cobwebs there was all over the place.

Anyway, I think Mom had enough of the cobwebs so she and Grandma decided to take us out for a drive, or maybe more like a shopping trip as we had to stock up our fridge with something for this week we would spend together at the farm.

First we had some garbage to dispose of, you know the sorting type of garbage: paper, plastic and glass type. So we drove to the next little tiny town to get to it. This place is full of tiny cute towns, surrounded by mountains and forests, really beautiful. That’s where our farm is located too. So out of the car we went to stretch our legs and sort out the trash. Our next stop was the shop. After driving on some country roads, we reached the highway, where we could drive a little faster. Suddenly I yell out to Mom, “The back door is open!” But Grandma was sure she closed it and Mom was sure that Grandma wouldn’t have forgotten to close it. How ridiculous it would have been, to be driving on the highway with the boot wide open.

But…. It was left open! With a gasp or horror, Mom was embarrassed to the utmost. She quickly slowed down a bit in case something would fall out of the back. Nothing much in there but maybe some empty shopping bags and, well, Grandpa’s beloved trumpet that he forgot in the boot from the other day.

Five more minutes passed and we finally found a spot to stop the car and close the boot. That was a close call. I’m sure I’ll never forget to do that when I start driving. I can learn from the mistakes of others and that’s part of growing up, isn’t it? But most of all, we had a good laugh, all the way home. But wait till Grandpa and Uncle heard about it! I’ll leave it to your imagination! (laugh, laugh)