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This is the snack the Lord has made

I asked Mom if she could prepare us a snack as I brought her a box of cookies. Yes, this was a big hint as to what I really wanted for snack. I thought I might as well do her a favor and help her out by giving her an idea for snack. Often, very often, she doesn’t know what to prepare for snack. She says that she already has to think of lunch and dinner menus, so breakfasts and snacks can be up to us to figure out sometimes. Ok, so I was doing just that, wasn’t I?

Why these?” she asked me. “I was saving these for a special occasion or for when we have guests over.”

I replied in my most gentle voice, that today was a special day because the Lord made it. We should rejoice and be glad in it.

By why should that special day include cookies?” she asked. “Can we be happy and rejoice without these cookies?”

Well, yes, we can.” was my reply. “But we can be even happier because of these cookies. Plus God made food for us to enjoy, you know.”

But he didn’t make these cookies.” Mom went on.

But he made the ingredients,” I replied with my smart thinking brain. “And he gave people the gift of baking these cookies, so therefore it must mean that we can eat them right now and be glad as we do it.”

Mom gave a smile and a quiet “Okay! Though it sounds to me that the way you remember this verse is: This is the snack the Lord has made. I should be glad and take advantage of it.” 

Exactly right! She couldn’t have put it better! Well, most of all, I was kind of proud of myself for being so wise and so quick to answer. God must have helped me out with that one!

I did realize one thing though. Sometimes I don’t take the time to explain things so well. Maybe it’s really hard work for my brain to do that. And so I just ask a quick question, without really thinking about how to make it sound the most appealing for the person to answer in a positive way. And then I get upset if I don’t get my way. Here I used tactic, my best communication skills, a gentle voice and even a verse to back up my point. Please congratulate me!

How do you get your Dad or Mom to agree to something you would like?

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Best not make a bad “onion” decision

I’m still thinking about what Mom said the other day… about the spirit of Christmas, about gifts, about Grandma and Grandpa and my relatives… I’d like to get them something, because it will probably come out way nicer than if I made something. I don’t know if they’d even use what I make them because maybe it won’t come out so strong and sturdy or not as pretty and fancy as I want it to be. Dad has some extra cement so I’m thinking of what might look nice with cement… candlesticks or candle cups for Grandma? Plant pots or a tray with my signature carved into it? Oh, I really don’t know.

Hey but wait. I do know of one thing: Grandpa likes to eat and I like to bake. That sounds like a good combination to me. Cookies for Grandpa is one thing I have decided on so far. I like chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon or sesame seeds ones. But… wait! What would he like? I’ve got a little bit more time to do some secret research on this, and then… then I’ll be absolutely sure of what to do. And maybe while I’m making the cookies, some inspirational idea will come to me for a Grandma gift. I’ll keep my pen and notebook in my pocket just in case some idea jumps out of my mind.

Another thought… while I do the cookie research, how about some “handy items” research that could be used by Grandma. I’ve got lots to do the next time I go visit.

Come to think of it, I do have one idea for Grandpa. He loves onions. Onions is his thing. Whenever we think of Grandpa, we think onions. And when we think onions, we think Grandpa. But, don’t know if onion flavor cookies would work too well. Okay, I’d better wait patiently on this one and not hurry too much to make a decision right right now, in case I make a bad “onion” decision.