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School shopping

Yes, it is a little late to talk about this, I know. But it was memorable, so I’ll have to mention it at least once in my dairy. And, before I forget to.

Well, this year Mom decided that Brother and I were old enough to do our own school shopping. She gave us the budget and the list and we were off. She stayed in the same shop, just in case we needed help, but we were on our own. I worked down my list, ticking off each thing as I put it in the trolley. But there was a tough choice. I need an agenda and there are all these beautiful ones for this big price. These really simple normal ones are kind of reasonably priced, but they just don’t call out to me. This one is saying “Pick me! Pick me!” What can I do?

I’ve been eyeing these backpacks for hours (well, minutes that seem like hours) and they’re also calling out to me. I would really really like a new backpack. You see, all the other kids have the latest Eastpac brand backpack that cost a fortune. They say it’s the best. Supposedly they last forever. But my brother got one two years ago and his is already trashed. Not sure what to think from that. Not that my brother is the most careful with his stuff or anything like that.

But I think I’ll go for the agenda. I can get by with my backpack from last year or with another cheaper one, but this agenda is so creative and beautiful. I can use it to doodle and draw when class gets a bit monotonous. Backpacks only have one purpose, but an empty book can be used for so many more things.

Okay, I’ve made my choice and thanks to the budget and the list, I think I’m all set for school now. Thanks to Dad and Mom too, for letting me handle this shopping spree. Now I can include another FIRST to my journal. I might have made a few wrong choices, but I think overall I did okay. And I’ll know for next year what worked and what didn’t.

I’m actually even kind of proud of myself for doing it. I’m glad when I get a little more responsibility. It feels good to do things on my own for a change. I know I can do it with Jesus’ help, even when I feel a little low on confidence.

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My Cooking Inventions

My Mom said I could cook whatever I wanted, as long as I clean up after myself. I quickly borrow one of Mom’s computer screen (she’s using the other one but sometimes she doesn’t mind me watching something on the one she’s not using at the moment). She doesn’t do that all the time otherwise she gets too easily tripped off watching them with me, hee. But it kind of depends on what she’s working on. She can’t write while I’m watching, but sometimes she’ll draw or color, which gives her something to listen to at the same.

Anyway, this time a cooking program popped up, from one of the websites Mom had visited earlier in the day. And because I had the right ingredients, I decided to try it. Here I go! Mom even comes to join me as she’s so interested in this one! I blend up some peanuts, I add in some dates, first making sure you have the right dates, not the dates from the calendar which I tried when I was very young. Don’t ask me what happened there. After the peanuts (or any other kind of nuts you want to use instead) and the dates (without the seeds), I added in some cocoa powder and a dab of water to get the right consistency, not too dry but not liquid either. I got it just right to be able to roll them up into little balls. Then I dipped them in more crunched up nuts and put them in the fridge to keep cool.

Dad, Mom and some friends that we shared them with adored them. I do like trying out new cooking inventions, especially when I have to come up with something myself. I didn’t have hazelnuts so I used peanuts instead. Does that mean I made up my own recipe? I should see how many recipes I can alter with my own ideas. But I’ll just let you know of the ones that work.