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It was MY idea!

It’s one thing when my mom reminds and nags at me to clean my room or do my house chores, but it’s a totally different thing when I think of it all by my very own self. That’s when I really get a kick of doing it. The other day I got this totally bright idea! You see, we get a little pocket money every time we do a little job around the house, not counting dishes and setting the table of course. But things like sweeping the stairs, the garage, cleaning the toilets, dusting the surfaces, that sort of thing. So we have this chart with the payments of each job. Brother does quite a bit of them because he gets to the jobs first and does all the easier ones. Though I prefer to do one bigger job and get a little more for it in one go. I guess both work and we sort of end up with the same at the end of the week, which is when we get paid.

I think Dad and Mom wanted us to experience what it will be like when we get older. We have to work hard and do a good job if want any pay. Being slack and lazy doesn’t really get us anywhere or anything. Oh yes! I was going to tell you my bright idea. Well, at least my friend and I thought it was. We had the chart in front of us while my friend and I ate breakfast. Oops, I forgot to tell you that she had a sleep over at my place since we really wanted to see each other and also she lives kind of far. But were we glad for that. So the chart, yes! She asked me what it was for and so I explained it to her. And together, in one go, we both yelled out, “Let’s make some money!!!” with bright eyes and a smile beaming across our faces.

It was a very hot day and we did feel like getting an ice-cream. But I didn’t want to use up my pocket money for that. I usually prefer using it on something that keeps a little longer than a snack that is over in a few minutes. So we found all the jobs that weren’t done that we could do. We started with the most expensive ones and then worked our way through the list on all the ones we felt we could manage. We felt exhausted after, but it was even kind of fun. Sure beats doing the jobs alone. Plus we had a real cool (literally “cool”) incentive. We could finally enjoy our delicious cold ice-cream! Yes, the money was gone right away, yes the snack was gone quickly too (for fear of melting), but you can imagine the satisfaction of a clean house that WE had helped to clean and it also kept us from experiencing that awful thing called “boredom”.

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Vacation adventures (or not)

I’ve had 4 friends sleep over at my place this vacation. And here I thought that I didn’t do anything for vacations! But it’s kind of different, I was trying to explain to Mom. You see, I wanted to go somewhere new and far and explore new adventures, maybe visit a new city or a new country. All my friends go far for vacations. This time of year is skiing season. We only do sledding. Mom said that having friends over was kind of its own adventure. I guess that’s another way to look at it.

Well, we did do some stuff that we don’t get to do every day maybe. We made a tent in my room, we made things from dough, we had water play, we played soccer with my brother, we drew and colored, we filmed a music video or two with my doodads of messes that we didn’t have to clean. Mom was okay to clean up after us whenever we did some of the cooking for her. So I was glad for that.

Though, because we didn’t care about how much mess we made, she was not so happy. She said it took her longer to clean up after us than it was for her to cook. Well, what else did we do? Oh yes, we recorded a song and a drama, we ate good food, we did more baking and cooking, so therefore had to do a bit of the cleaning this time.

Oh well, cleaning is really not my thing. It’s probably the one thing that bothers me about home. When I go to my friend’s house, I don’t have to clean or pick up anything. But at my house, my mom’s always behind me making sure I put away my dishes, pick up my clothes, put my shoes on the shelf. I get tired of that sometimes. It even makes me angry. Can’t my mom leave me alone for once? Can’t I get a real vacation for a change? Vacations from having to do any kind of cleaning at all?

The other family night we played a question game. One question said: “If you could have one wish, what would it be?” Well, I definitely knew mine. It would be to have a magic wand that I could zap my room with and it would be clean and tidy. Or touch my dish and it would automatically put itself in the dishwasher, then the dishwasher could tell on its own when it was full and turn itself on. And my bed… it would make itself as soon as I got out of it. Now wouldn’t be that something!

But… God doesn’t zap me with a wand to make me do something. He gently invites me to do the right thing. Then it’s up to me to decide. I guess I do kind of like that free choice better.

And, what would be your one top wish?

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I’m growing up

It’s baby sitting day! No, I’m not going to have a baby sitter watching over me making sure I eat my breakfast and do my homework and do other things besides watching you tube videos. I’m doing babysitting. No, I’m not sitting on a baby and a baby is not sitting on me. I’m not sitting next to a baby either. Who ever thought of calling it baby sitting anyway? It’s far from just sitting. I’m actually allowed to do almost anything with the two little girls I’m looking out for. And it’s more like running around trying to find the next activity that will keep them happy and occupied. I could start a new “baby running” trend.

We do tea set, water play, picking fruit from the garden, watering the plants, trampoline, building towers, drawing and painting and lots of messes along the way. I enjoy every part of it except when I have to clean up after they leave, that’s the worst. I wish a magic fairy would just come and put it all away.

For this baby sitting, Mom’s given me a few ideas of things that she did with me and my brother when we were young. She even has them on video and I’m allowed to watch them whenever I want, even when I’m not allowed to watch anything else. I think she thinks it’s good training for me. Now I’ve even started my own planner of ideas. This day I will do that activity, that day I will do this. But I realized that my planning is good but lasts only minutes. I need a giant of a list of a planner for these girls. They get bored after just 2 minutes.

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My Clean-up Routine

I have a hard time getting my room cleaned up all in one go. We have this thing in our family that if we want our movie night, our room must be picked up, dusted and vacuumed. Who ever thought up of that rule? Well, that’s off the subject right now, but it was definitely NOT me. I would have opted instead for the one who could have the most things on their floor and still be able to walk through without breaking anything, contest. I’d be sure to win every time! That’s quite the challenge, I think. I could even make it in the book of records.

But Dad and Mom have concocted up another way for me to get my room done. You see, I have a hard time doing it all in one go. It’s too big! Too overwhelming! I feel like I can’t even get started. “You need some courage to get started!” they tell me. Or “This will take lots of perseverance to get it done, but I know you can do it!” and on and on. I know all that stuff already. Well, now whenever I ask them something, if I need help for reaching something that’s high, or I want a special snack or maybe I want to watch something with Mom as we cuddle on the couch, or I’d like her to make my hair for a change… they ask me to clean up something in my room FIRST.

They like to use the words “…as soon as…” For example, as soon as you’ve cleaned your desk. As soon as you’ve made your bed. As soon as you’ve put away your clean laundry, etc, etc. etc. No matter how much I don’t like those word “as soon as” and it often makes me screech, it’s actually been kind of helpful because that way I get my room done little by little and that way it’s not too big and overwhelming.

I do have a little trick though and I don’t think they’ve noticed yet. Shhh. Don’t tell them. When they ask me to do my bed, I make it and pile whatever is on the bed, onto the desk or floor. If they ask me to do the floor, I put whatever’s there back on my bed. Or I move it to my desk. My little pile of stuff gets gently moved from place to place, but I can still honestly say I did my bed or my desk or the floor because I DID DO IT! Is that being deceiving? I know that’s not totally honest, neither really lying either. Mmmm. I’ve got to think about that one.

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The Big Whale of a Mess

Today, Mom asked me to pick up in my room, again! But it’s MY room! Can’t I decide what to do with it? She told me that she only reminds me once a week, on Saturday nights. The rest of the time it’s up to me how I would like my room kept (or seen when my friends come over to visit.). When Mom comes around telling me to pick up my clothes from the floor, I feel like Jonah is reliving in me. God told him to warn the people of Ninevah for being bad – Mom told me to pick up my clothes. I do see a little resemblance, just slightly, mainly the fact that I really didn’t want to and neither did Jonah.

The reason I don’t want to? Well, the next time I get dressed or look for clothes I’m afraid they’re just going to be on the floor all over again, so what’s the use? I feel like running far, far away, looking for another home that won’t have me pick up my clothes or maybe better yet, where they have some modern invention that picks them up for you. Is that even invented? If not, there’s some business plan for me when I get older. I bet it will change the world, especially those other 11 year olds like me that don’t like picking up after themselves.

I stepped into my room and I saw it! The whale of a mess! Now I really felt like Jonah but this time with the WHALE! And it was out to get me, cause it was bigger than I expected. And it took me way longer than I wanted, which made me miss my drawing and doodling time.

I wonder if it would be a bit ­easier to pick up right away after I get dressed, put my dirty laundry in my hamper, put away my clean laundry, as soon as I get it from the line… I don’t know. But I might give it a try. After all, Jonah did feel sorry after his trip in the whale. I should learn from my messy whale lesson as well and see if there isn’t some other better way to deal with my stuff around my room and all over my floor.

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My Sneaky Slime Stories

I have to let you in on a little secret, but my mom’s not supposed to know about it. You see, she doesn’t like me doing this because it makes a mess and I really don’t want to clean it up. Then it stays on my windowsill or my desk for a few weeks and usually hardens and ruins something. I started out telling her that it’s my science project from school. But that didn’t work for too long. “You’ve got to be learning something else besides this in science class.” she told me. Yup, we do! And then I told her it’s because my friends can’t do it at their home, so they come and do it here with me. “And why can’t they do it at their home?” she asks. Not sure but I’m guessing it’s for the same reason that my Mom doesn’t want me to do it either.

Can you guess what it is? SLIME! Slippery, slimy, very sticky and sometimes stinky slime. That’s why we like to add some of Mom’s soaps or shampoos in there. But after a few empty bottles left in the bathroom, she was not happy. I’ve had to do it in secret now. So I’ve tried a few hiding places. Behind my desk, under my bed or behind my curtain, on the windowsill. Why does she always seem to come in the room and need me when… when I’m in the middle of it. Yikes! She’s been okay with it now, but she hasn’t helped me clean it up anymore. I guess that makes me think twice if I really want to get into this sneaky slimy mess. My friends don’t clean it up. They leave just before it’s time to do so. I don’t blame them at all. But at the moment, it’s the most exciting thing to do. Mixing powders and liquids and gels and colors and getting something so slippery and slimy as the end result. That’s a real science project if you ask me.

I could grow up being a scientist or something. It’s a useful skill, making something out of what seems to be so nothing. I know, Jesus does that with me. I’m just a little silly thing sometimes but He uses me to be a blessing to others. That’s a big thing!