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Not again!

I heard it again! No! Why me? I thought. Dad came to remind me about doing the lunch dishes today, AGAIN! But this time I was busy cleaning and tidying up my room. I was doing a good thing. Why did he have to come and tell me of something else I had to do? I got mad, real mad! I yelled at him and said some pretty bad words that I feel sorry for now. He didn’t mean to get me upset. He probably didn’t even realize that I was doing another “good” thing that he would have been even happy about. It’s not his fault that he came to remind me. It’s a pretty usual thing that has to be done with me anyway. Because, well, I don’t like doing certain things that I have to do.

But then, I shouldn’t have let all these words rush out of my mouth like a tsunami wave or let my temper rise to the third floor of our house. Mom came in to see what happened because she was afraid world war 3 was starting. A little exaggerated of course. But she heard the upset mess too, since she was just next door.

I’ve made up with Dad since. Well, not really officially, but definitely in my heart. Does that count too? I love him so much and he deserves the very best that I can give him. I had lots of time to think about what I said and what I did to him, because I took all afternoon to make him his Christmas gift. What else was I to think about?

Well, I ended up having to do dinner instead because I took too long to get to the kitchen and do the dishes. I would probably not have done a very good job either, still feeling a bit upset about the whole thing. I guess sometimes I just wish I wouldn’t be told what to do all the time. I do most of the time remember what needs to be done, but I just don’t feel like doing it. If I don’t feel like eating snack, I just don’t eat one. If I don’t feel thirsty, I don’t go out of my way to drink water. If I am not dirty, I don’t wash myself. (Oops, don’t tell that one to Mom. It’s just between us here, my diary and I.) Though I guess it doesn’t work with everything. If I don’t feel like doing dishes, I wish there was a button that could just make it all happen by itself, with or without me. We do have a dishwasher that makes things tons easier than last year when we didn’t have one. And all we have to do is push a button and put some dishes and soap in. But maybe I’m getting so used to it now, that anything I need to do in the kitchen is STILL a big job! Pots, pans that don’t fit in the dishwasher, counters and table to clean, sink to wipe, food put-away, etc. etc.

Hummm. I’m thinking about this one! If I want to keep eating, I guess I’ve got to be content with doing the dishes once in a while, shouldn’t I? Eating = dishes. Me eating = Me doing dishes. I’m learning to be happy about this one.

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Birthday outing failed

We’d planned this outing for a month. It was all set. The weather was going to be great. No rain! We had booked up the date and all there was left to do was wait. Wait! And wait some more. I counted the days or more like the minutes. I couldn’t help waiting. Have you ever waited for your birthday or for Christmas? You get the picture, right? You see, it was for my birthday. What could be better than that? We would go on this amazing park adventure, where you touch the animals, feed the animals, climb trees, walk barefoot on different paths, rocky, wet, poky, fiery… So many other things I can’t even tell you about here. I’ll tell you once I’ve done it.

But you can’t believe what happened? My brother has to decide to get sick with the tummy bug, the night before leaving!!! He probably purposely ate something bad, to get sick and throw up all night so that he would be too tired to go today. Well, I’m sure he didn’t mean to, but he could have picked any other day to get sick but this day. It’s a bummer, not getting to do what you had planned to do. Mom even got a special snack and special sandwich bread and some ham, so we could have a special picnic. Looks like I’m getting myself deeper and deeper into a really sad pit of sobs. Let me climb out of it.

Okay, we did get to enjoy our special picnic foods today, even though we didn’t go on the outing. I got to have some special mommy time, since we had the time for it. Dad even took me swimming to the pool, to do something “out of the norm”. I could enjoy an ice-cream and a special snack without a tummy bug. I bet Brother didn’t enjoy his day as much as I did, so I’d better not make him feel too bad, right?