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A high fright

Do you want to hear a scary story? I was going about my merry day, when all of a sudden I heard a loud meow! When I looked for her (my cat, as they are the only things on earth that meow, in case you didn’t know), she was gone! Our apartment was on the third floor and her favorite thing to do was look out the windows, down to the bottom where 10 stray cats lived. That was quite the show for her, I guess. Kind of like her TV time. But this time, she leaned just a little too far and “Crash!” she fell, wayyyyy, way down to the bottom, and landed on hard concrete.

I think worse than the fall was the fright of having 10 cats run up towards her. I ran downstairs as fast as my legs could take me, along with Dad, Mom and Brother and we opened the door, and welcomed her in. For 3 days, she lay on the floor, not eating and barely moving. We were scared. What had she done? Would she ever recover?

Mom and I took her to the vet who didn’t seem too worried, but gave her some anti-swelling medicine, in case she needed it. He checked her jaws mostly, as that’s where she would have most likely landed on, and that could hurt. We prayed for our cat, that God would heal her and take away the pain that she was in. There was no other way to communicate what was going on with her. Dad also did some research and found out that cats are known to have fallen down up to 40 story buildings even. Imagine that! Boy, but 3 was enough for Mimi. I wouldn’t have hoped for any higher than that. I learned that by the time cats land, after the 40 flight, they have time to prepare their legs and body for the landing. But Mimi here, didn’t really have much experience or preparation at all.

Best thing of all is that she’s fine and a little more cautious now, even to this day. I prefer that, than being too daring and jumping off or onto anything, anywhere. Do you have any scary pet stories? If so, I’d love to hear them.

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Mimi’s birthday

You remember my cat, Mimi, right? Well, tomorrow is her birthday. She’s turning 3! Imagine that! Can’t believe we’ve already had her that long. Well, we talked over lunch what we would do for this very special day. Well, it may not be that special for her, except that we usually get her a little special meat pate that she loves, but it is really extra special for us because it’s the day we’re celebrating her into the world and if she wasn’t here how sad we would be. She’s the most beautiful cat and we love her so much and… Well, and we’ll find any occasion (or excuse) to party, heehee.

Last year Brother got her a book about “patience”. She needed that. She would meow and meow for her food an hour or 2 before it was even feeding time. I got her a book on “sharing” because well, she’s the boss, we all know that but she had to learn to share the house a little with us humans too. Now, she’s gotten a bit better at that. I guess those stories did work after all.

About couches and beds, she knows they aren’t for her, except she can go on Brother’s and my beds cause we don’t mind. And we usually fight who’s bed she will get to sleep on each night. She’s the boss and she decides that! But she’ll usually take turns which is kinda nice for us.

Anyway, back to Mimi’s birthday plan… I really have no idea of what to get her this year. A new bed basket? (though she has one) A cat scratcher? (she never used the one she had) A cat toy? (she barely even plays with them anymore.) Any ideas? Please help! Who else is crazy enough to plan a pet party? Anyone out there? Or is it just me and our crazy family? I guess we’ll soon find out.

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More About my Cat

I told you about my beautiful gorgeous cat, but I forgot an important detail. Her name is Mimi. I would have called her Fluffy or Furball or maybe Cozy because she has a beautiful white fluffy coat. But thinking more of it and now living with her for the past 3 years, I think her name fits her just fine. Mimi kind of sounds like “Me, me” and that’s really almost all she thinks of anyway. See what I mean? Me, me, me…. If I could read her thoughts they might go something like this: Won’t someone feed ME? Me is hungry. Look over here, ME is here! I’m cleaning myself, ME I am. Let ME lick your bowl. Let ME finish your sip of milk. Won’t you give ME a snack? Let ME have some room on the couch. Give ME the biggest pillow…” I could probably go on all day about this MEME business.

But she’s a beautiful cat. Everyone that comes and visits mentions how she even fits into our house decor. She’s white and a tiny bit beige on the top of her nose. We have white walls and white chairs and a little bit of beige color on our throw pillows. Kind of perfect planning, isn’t it? My mom is really into decor and me too. I’ll tell you more about that later though. For now I’m trying to picture my cat to you.

She was tiny and cute and like my little baby at first. I learned a few things about cat-care, I did. Any time I saw a book on cats, I’d open it and read about them. I especially wanted to make sure that Mimi got the best of care and that she felt like the most loved cat ever. I think she does cause even to this day, she really has a nice personality. Even though she wants our food, all of the time, she’s not too demanding and she’ll come when we call her, she’ll still play a little and she loves our cuddles and pats.

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The Boom Box

I know that I don’t talk much about my brother in my writings. Maybe cause it’s all about ME. But I do need to add him in here once in a while because Brother and Sister do go together. I couldn’t be a sister if I didn’t have a brother. It takes both of us, just as is the old saying that Mom and Dad like to say because their mom and dad told them because the grandparents told them… kind of thing… “It takes two to fight!” We get that one a lot between brother and sister, especially when Brother wants to get me in trouble so says that I did something when I actually really did something else. Or he likes to paint the picture of me really black when it’s only a little big gray, which means that I didn’t do something so so bad like he says I did. Maybe I just made a little mistake. Anyway, Mom says it’s also a typical thing between brother and sister. She should know, she has 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Gosh! And Gosh again! I don’t know how I could manage that many in my family. And especially not with my kind of Brother.

We had a nice and cozy lunch and all of a sudden Brother bashes on the table and starts his one man show with singing at the top of what his voice can go. And then he gets up from his stool, (still in the middle of lunch) and he dances and stamps around the kitchen floor. It’s like we have our own concert going on, without even having to pay for it. We were having a conversation, mind you. But once the show began, neither of us could hear ourselves talking anymore. Dad called him the MUSIC BOX though I think I would have rather called him the BOOM BOX!! Sometimes Dad plays along with it and joins in the singing and crazy dancing. Mom goes up to Brother and gives him a hug to try to calm him down. It doesn’t always work but only makes him sing even louder. Mom doesn’t like such loud noises close to her ears. She doesn’t even let me whistle next to her. She says it hurts her ears. Poor Mom. She really misses out on my nice whistling. I get that from Dad, I think. Cause she can’t even whistle more than one note and for one second at a time.

Well, after our lunch was finished “Boom Box” moved his show upstairs to his room, which is close to my room, so “the show went on” and all to myself, you could say. Sometimes it calms down a bit, while Brother writes his other new song and then it gives me some peace to think of my own thoughts.

I love my crazy, noisy brother. It wouldn’t be as much fun without him, even though he is a bit loud sometimes. But it would be boring and too quiet without him, I think.

I do have a cat to make up for him though. Today at lunch, I think she joined in with his singing too. Though her song went a little more like this:

“I’m hungry! Doesn’t anyone ever feed me?
I did get food an hour ago, but I’m still very hungry.
Actually, I’m starving here! Doesn’t anyone hear me!
Poor me! Poor me! Poor me!
Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!
I’m Mimi, Mimi, Mimi.
If you love me, feed my tummy, tummy, tummy!”