Shoes, shoes, more shoes!

When I was 6 years old, Mom asked me to count up my shoes. We had planned to move house and needed to know how big a truck we needed for the move. And so I got going collection my shoes from around my room, around the house, under the couches, in Mom and Dad’s room, in my brother’s room, on the shoe shelf and anywhere else they could have escaped to. 10, 11, 12….15, 20, 21. 21 pairs of shoes!!! Of course that included my slippers, snow boots, rain boots, mountain boots and all that sort of thing. That’s when I realized that one of my pairs of shoes takes up exactly half the size of one of Dad’s. That probably means I can pass with double the amount of his, right? Or I could just tell my Mom I’ve got 10 pairs of shoes instead, counting by size.

Today I have a few less, not because I don’t like them anymore, but just because I’ve outgrown all those 21 pairs plus probably 21 or more so, since that time. I could find little pretty shoes just about at any car boot sale. But trying to find my size now, in the style or color and shape that I want is a whole lot more difficult. At three years old I was happy with whatever was pink. Then at 6, I liked anything black and shiny and that had a little heal. Now… now…. Wake up Dina!!! I like just any shoes that fit me and that I like! Do you get it?

Well, I’m actually a little more picky because I won’t go for just any pink shoes anymore. I want comfortable shoes, and shoes that will match the clothes I wear, shoes that will match and fit the occasion. One of my very favorite things to do with Mom is to go to the shop and check out the rows of shoes. They’re usually the same shoes that we check out every time but somehow I see them differently each time I go. I don’t think I ever have my eyes on the same shoes as the time before. Well, maybe they do change the aisles a bit, especially depending on the season, but the most of the time just don’t have the ones I want in the size I need them to be. Too bad!

Though, in a why it might be a good thing, cause otherwise I’d end up using all my pocket-money for shoes. This lets me be a little more choosy and a whole lot more patient.

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