Raising Moral Kids

How can we teach kids what is right and wrong, and how can we instill moral characteristics?
As a parent, I’m ultimately responsible for raising children with good values. I can’t cross my fingers and hope that they will learn them at school. In fact, they usually come home with a few new attitudes that may need some unlearning.
Of course I want my kids to do well academically and grow their creative talents, and I’m always on the lookout for things that may encourage creative play. But I’ve recently become more aware that I should also be on the lookout for opportunities to point out situations of kindness, honesty, self-disciplined etc. But then I got to thinking that I should probably have a list of characteristics that I want to promote to my kids, so here they are. If you can think of some more, drop me a comment below. Thanks
• Being courteous and polite
• Being friendly, kind and showing concern
• Helpful and contributing to family, friends and community
• Being giving and selfless
• Hard-working
• Responsible and self-disciplined
• Being honest
• Independent and able to resist negative pressure (that’s a tough one)
• Tolerance to others preferences
• Forgiving
• Respectful of people and property