Respect Families


A game activity on the topic of Respect.

  • Age: 6-8
  • Players: 1-4
  • Time to play: 15 min.
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The aim of the game is to collect a whole family of the same respect topic or

Cut out the cards then shuffle and deal out 7 to each player.

Place the rest of the cards in a draw pile face down on the table.

The first player starts by asking another player for a specific card of a color he already has (eg. Good manners #4 or Greetings #2).

If they have the card they must give it.

If they do not have the requested card, it is the next players turn.

When a player has 6 matching cards, he places them on the table and reads them out loud.

The winner is the player who has the most family sets.

Option 2: Place all the cards in a jar and pick out a few that you’d like to
work on each day, or choose a specific family to practice with and focus on.


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