Princess Joline


Life Lessons and Fun with Princes Joline

Join Joline with her everyday life scenarios as a wanna-be princess. She experiences plenty of ups and downs but learns to choose the better way, by praying and asking for help from Jesus, the King of Kings. Girls will enjoy stories, games and activity ideas of princessy things to do. Fun and morally enriching.

  • Suggested for ages 9 and under.

Have you ever dreamed of being a princess? You know, playing dress-up and all those pretend-games? I have. I bet you’d make a wonderful princess because you’re special just the way God made you. All you need is a flowing dress, fancy shoes and a sparkling crown. Or is it?
Did you know that showing love and kindness is one of the most princessy things you can do? You’re God’s princess, and when you’re filled with His love, you can be really noble.
I’ve learned that a real princess is not much different than we are. They do most things that we do every day. They have school or responsibilities too. Sometimes things go wrong and they need help. Best of all, we can ask for help from the King of Kings, imagine that!

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