Picture/story scenarios


A game activity on the topic of Honesty.

  • Age: 4-7
  • Players: 1+
  • Time to play: 15 min.
  • (All included pages are displayed here as low quality images.)



A game that encourages honesty in every day situations and helps us recognize how often we face choices to do so.

Divide the cards evenly between all the players.

Each player takes a turn to place one of their cards in the middle of the table, and says a phrase or story scenario about the picture related to honesty. (eg: I’d better return this ring, that would be the honest thing to do.)

If someone says something related to dishonesty because that’s what their picture shows (eg: I already had my snack, but no one will notice if I take more.)

The next player must put down a card of an example of honesty to help make it right again.

If a player can’t think of a story scenario, he can pass his turn to have more time to think.

The player who has played all his cards first is the winner.

But to be honest,everyone wins in this game.


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