Little seeds of love chart


A game activity on the topic of Kindness.

  • Age: 4-7
  • Players: 1+
  • Time to play: 2+ min.
  • (All included pages are displayed here as low quality images.)



Here is a wall chart to help your family’s kindness grow.

Cut out the charts and flower cards. Provide a chart for each family member (or each child).

If you need more, you can photocopy the amount of extra charts or flowers you’ll need.

The chart will give you some ideas of ways you can show kindness. Once you accomplish one of the kind deeds listed on your chart, put up a flower card in that box. You could put stickytac or magnets onto the back of the flowers, or place the charts in plastic sleeves and use tape for the back of the flowers.

By the end of the day (or week or month, however long you want the charts up for) see how the charts have blossomed into beautiful kindness gardens. Celebrate together by buying a special bouquet of flowers for your house, or eating a special snack in the garden, or visiting a flower park or a flower decor shop.

Hang up the number cards to keep near your wall charts as a reminder of how kindness is just like a garden and needs work and loving care.


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