Jump ball


A game activity on the topic of Finding Solutions.

  • Age: 4-7
  • Players: 1-6
  • Time to play: 10 min.
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A solution for when kids can decide who’s turn it is.
Saves you getting so invloved.

Write the names onto a thick piece of paper and let each child pick one of these little bear characters to put on top of their names. Post the paper on the refrigerator or family board.

Take a fridge magnet (or a peg if you don’t have it on a metal board of some kind) and glue the extra ball onto it.

Each day, the magnet ball is switched to another child’s name. When they can’t make a mutual decision on something, call a “jump ball”. The child whose name has the ball gets to make the decision for that day: which board game to play, which movie to watch, he gets a turn first, etc. The ball (maget or peg) is then placed on the other child’s name the next day.
Of course, this method isn’t appropriate for every situation, but it is
definitely helpful for many little things.


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