Job charts


A game activity on the topic of Responsibilty.

  • Age: 4-8
  • Players: 1+
  • Time to play: 5 min.
  • (All included pages are displayed here as low quality images.)



Each of these job charts will give you an easy way to keep track of little jobs that need doing around the house, as well as who does what, when it gets done, etc.

Use these charts in conjuction with the job cards (see PDF “Job cards”) which will help give you ideas of most of the jobs that little ones can help with around the house, as well as fit just right on the charts.

You will notice that each chart works a little differently, so see what fits your needs and what makes your kids tick and use that one. Or feel free to change and alternate after a month or so. Kids enjoy variety in this case!

Happy charting your little ones to progress!


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