Hanging out with Jesus

Four fictional stories about Jesus and his childhood friends. Simple life lessons where children can learn about giving, patience, calmness, confidence and trusting God. Each story includes a definition, an example to encourage discussion, a Bible verse and a prayer.

Stories included:

  • Pass It On
  • The Impatient Carpenter
  • The Quiet Frog Pond
  • Chloe’s Donkey Day


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1 review for Hanging out with Jesus

  1. iCharacter

    The Bible doesn’t talk much about Jesus’ childhood. As parents and teachers, it’s important for us to help the children to understand that these stories are invented and not to be put at the same level as the true stories accounted in the Bible.
    At the same time, these fictional stories can help nurture imagination and creativity as children explore inspiring and relatable characters and scenarios that serve to remind kids that Jesus was
    also once a child and experienced many of the same feelings that they do today.

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