Big Bible, Little Me – The Character Builder’s Bible


Features 60 charming Bible stories with colorful illustrations, verses, definitions and everyday story examples that will help children to apply lessons of value and character, all the while increasing their love and understanding of God’s Word.

No matter what your goal is in raising your children, they will have a greater chance of being happy and successful when they grow up if they learn good moral objectives through God’s Word.

Each Bible story is accompanied by a rhyming definition of the moral lesson that children can learn from the story, as well as a cartoon strip with an example of how this might play out in everyday life.
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Note to parents and caregivers:

These Bible stories are intended to help children identify important moral character traits.
Because we have tried to cover a wide range of morals, you will notice that each story only focuses on one topic. But as you converse with your children we invite you to dig deeper and mine further lessons in these Bible stories as is appropriate for their age.

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Topics include:
Diligence, Self-control, Obedience, Humility, Dependence on God, Patience, Initiative, Honesty, Encouragement, Comparing, Responsibility, Confidence, Justice, Willingness, Service, Flexibility, Decisions, Faithfulness, Praise, Attentiveness, Caring, Courage, Devotion, Wisdom, Worship, Endurance, Unselfishness, Determination, Teamwork, Conviction, Peer-pressure, Perseverance, Beauty, Availability, God’s love, Admiration, God’s Word, Boldness, Following  Jesus, Kindness, Cheerfulness, Gentleness, Faith, Asking God, Being responsive, Friendship, Sharing, Jesus first, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratefulness, Repentance, Enthusiasm, Communion, Salvation, Easter, Hopefulness, Holy spirit, Witnessing, Heaven.


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