Bible Chapters for Kids – Set

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1 review for Bible Chapters for Kids – Set


    Reading to my children has always been important to me. Maybe it is because my mother and father read to us a lot as we were growing up, maybe because I inherited my father’s love for reading and books.

    When I find a great book or series of books that will teach my children biblical truth, reinforce what I have been teaching them from God’s Word, or build their faith, it finds a special place on our bookshelf and I add it to the rotation to ensure as much use out of it as possible.

    [The] authors have done a fantastic job of putting together a series of books that walk children through passages of Scripture, teach godly character, or explain life lessons with easy to understand words and beautiful, childlike illustrations and all from a biblical perspective.

    Because the author is also the illustrator (and an excellent one at that!), the pictures show the heart of the passage in the way the author truly intends them to. The illustrations are very engaging and childlike, with lots of color and plenty of movement, but not too busy to overwhelm little eyes.

    I would definitely recommend these books for preschool through early elementary aged children. As children learn to read, these would be great practice for them, while building their faith and spirits.

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