As a Team – Music Album


Score with your children by passing them this collection of 10 energetic songs. Kicking beats block the boredom of drive-time in the car, while positive lyrics play defense in sibling tackles. Music that the whole family will enjoy. PLAY ON!

01 As a Team (1.52) Alvin de Bezenac
02 Cooking Kindness (2.06) Amber Arnold
03 Amazing Vehicles (2.31) Viji Upshaw, Tory Larriva, Josh Taylor
04 Sharing is Caring (3.14) Josh Taylor
05 Freddie’s Friendly Farm (2.06) Viji Upshaw
06 When I grow up (2.27) Viji Upshaw, Tory Larriva, Jordan W.
07 Count Your Blessings (3.09) Windy Farr
08 Little deeds of love (2.49) Viji Upshaw
09 Step on the Brakes (2.17) Josh Taylor
10 Sing Your Cares Away (3.05) Ayana Haviv

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