14 Jesus Tales


2 minute fictional stories of Jesus as a little boy

This book presents 14 fictional stories that take place when Jesus was a little boy, each bringing out a lesson that children can relate to.

From sharing, to handling difficulties in a positive way, these fun and colorfully illustrated tales bring another dimension to learning about positive character traits and values.

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Note: The Bible doesn’t talk much about Jesus’ childhood. As parents and teachers, it’s important for us to help the children to understand that these stories are invented and not to be put at the same level as the true stories accounted in the Bible. At the same time, these fictional stories can help nurture imagination and creativity as children explore inspiring and relatable characters and scenarios that serve to remind kids that Jesus was also once a child and experienced many of the same feelings that they do today.

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  1. iCharacter

    These stories are fictional stories about Jesus as a little boy designed to teach character and to remind children that Jesus was once a child, too. The author is very clear to parents the importance of making sure children understand the stories in this particular book are not true and are not given equal status as Scripture. …


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