Positive influences to counter the negative

In writing children’s stories that focus on moral values and character traits, our goal is to help parents boost the materials available to help instill Godly characters.

I have all kinds of books on my children’s shelves, and I let them pick whatever they want to read from there. I wouldn’t add any books that I felt where not based on moral principles. However, it is becoming more difficult to find enough good material. And this was one reason we felt called to contribute towards that need.

Kids get plenty of wrong ideas and see bad examples a lot, from other kids, TV or the internet. So I hope that by supplying enough positive influences to counter the negative, they will have a fair opportunity to learn right from wrong.

Of course they won’t always choose to do what is right, but the point I think is to help them grow up with sufficient training and knowledge which can enable them to make morally educated decisions themselves, as opposed to just following the crowd, who are often pulled in the wrong direction.

They can choose to take an unhealthy snack to school because they’re old enough to prepare it themselves, and they can choose to look at negative content on the internet because they may have their own computer, and they will find times when no one is there to look over their shoulder.

I don’t believe in sheltering our kids from everything. But of course I also do believe that we need to control what they are exposed to according to their maturity to handle a new choice. They need life experiences to help them make wise choices, and so they need to experience the good and the bad in order to see the consequences of the choices that they’re making.

That’s enough rambling from me. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts too.