Parenting One-liners

I found some very helpful One-liners the other day, that can’t go unseen, so here they are for you. They’re from Vicki Hoefle and when you get a chance, I’m sure you’d love to check out her blog at I love having it so clearly laid out for me of things I can say to my kids or things I shouldn’t say. Of course, it’s for us parents to be spirit led and choose when to use each one, or ask ourselves: Which one would be the most appropriate for the time? Which will have the best effects? Etc.
Hope you have a great day, filling your homes with a little more encouragement during the rest of the summer vacations.
From Vicki:
“Sometimes, as parents, we find ourselves in situations we don’t necessarily want to be in.

For example, let’s say we’re happily grocery shopping (all things hunky dory) and suddenly a power struggle at the checkout ensues.
We’ve all been here and we’d all agree this is not a fun place to spend any amount of time. When moments like this happen, it’s helpful to have a plan to keep things moving in the direction we want: toward a good relationship with our child and away from power struggles without cajoling, bribing, nagging, caving, lecturing and so forth.

The next time you feel a tug toward the rabbit hole, pull out one of these one liners and keep it moving!
Keep it Moving: Encouraging One Liners for Parents #1-10
1. Do you have your wallet? (Instead of: No, I’m not buying you that.)
2. Now or later? (Instead of: Right now because I say so).
3. Try it, let me know how it goes. (Instead of: No, not a great idea.)
4. So that didn’t work- what will you try next time? (Instead of: You did it wrong.)
5. Would you be willing to ________?(Instead of: Do this or do that now.)
6. If no, well, what would you be willing to do? (Instead of: you have to!)
7. What can I do to help? (Instead of: what’s the matter over there?)
8. Yes, show me. (Instead of: I don’t think you can handle it.)
9. Yes as soon as (you clean your room) (Instead of: NO, you have to clean your room.)
10. Would you join me? (Instead of: We’re going to do this right now.)