No Ice-cream

I got on the computer today. “…just for a little.” I told my mom. “I have a project I’m working on.” With an okay from mom, I enjoyed and took advantage of every minute to do my pretty background picture. But wait, what was it that I wanted to research? Oh yes, those Barbie princess dresses. And then there’s slime and pate-a-sel, and then more dresses and styles… The few minutes quickly turned to an hour and then another hour. Mom passed by and saw me still sitting at the computer. I quickly changed screens to show off my beautiful background picture I’ve been working on “for two hours now”. It can’t get much more beautiful after such a long time.” Mom commented. “It’s already lovely just like it is.” I add a few more touches of color to it and then decide to change the whole set of colors.

Mom gently reminds me that it’s time to get off the computer, but I can’t, I’m in the middle of two or three shows. I’ll just say that I’ve got to redo my background again now that I’ve changed it. Mom’s a bit dumb, cause she actually believes me. But really I’m continuing my shows. Shh

But I don’t feel too great about it either. My heart feels a bit uneasy because I know I’m not doing what Mom asked me to do. I do want her to trust me. Dad tells me that my leash is getting shorter now that I’ve gone too far with computer time.

My brother just picked up some ice-creams for dessert. I can’t wait, it’s such a hot day! “I’m sorry,” Mom says. “But no ice-cream for Dina.” What?!! Why?!! No way!!! Mom explained to me that it’s because I took too much time on the computer. Oh no. She found out. Or maybe she actually knew that I wasn’t just doing my beautiful background project. I try to plead with her and say that I’d rather have my ice-cream. I suggest another punishment instead. I’ll skip out on a whole week of computer and iPad time instead. “Are you sure?” Mom asks me. I heartily agree. I really want that ice-cream. Mom thinks I’m being a little hard on myself, but there’s nothing better right now that enjoying this ice-cream.

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