My Packing Spree

“A full paged list of things to bring?” But we’re only going for 2 days. Mom agreed with me on that one. Neither of us could quite understand why we had to bring 5 pairs of clothes, 4 socks, 4 panties, 2 jackets, 4 pairs of shoes… you get the idea. I guess we will find out tomorrow but now I’d better get started. It will take me forever to pack all this. I only have this afternoon to do it as we’re leaving early morning. First things first! I need something to put all my stuff in. You know, those box looking things that have wheels, that are a bit bigger than a bag because did you notice the list? I can’t remember the last time I even used one, imagine that? Yes, a suitcase!! Usually I like packing things into my backpack or duffel bag, but not big enough this time. Extra measures call for extra luggage.

I laid out, on the floor, in my room, in our house, in our town…. will stop that right there for fear it will get too long – my piles of clothes and everything I needed to pack into that suitcase. It took up my whole floor and Mom can’t say this time that it was a mess. No, for it was my packing plan. All this “mess” would soon make it into the suitcase.

An afternoon later, all was set and I was ready for a good nap, or a good night of sleep. The next morning, I proudly walked with my suitcase and backpack, ready to greet my friends who were also making their way to school. The bus hadn’t arrived but I said bye to Mom. I didn’t really need her anymore (after she helped carry my suitcase) cause now I was with my friends. All the girls had these pretty colorful suitcase. All I had was a plain black one. All the other kids had strong sturdy hard ones, I just had a soft one. “What’s on your suitcase?” asked my friend. “Do you have a cat?” another one asked. “Yes!” I answered proudly. “I guess I’m the only one who brought “my pet” along on this trip!” A black suitcase with a white cat in the house… you get the pretty picture. It made me think of her and home, and my family back home. Always great memories!

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