My New Cat

Mom and dad finally gave a YES for getting a cat. And it was the best Christmas present ever ever!!! The cutest white fluffy kitten, all for our very own. And best of all, I could dolly her up. I wrapped her up in blankets and rocked her to sleep in my arms. Then I took her for a ride in my dolly stroller (from when I was young). She loved that!! Once a day I dressed her up with my dolly clothes. My favorite outfit was this little flowery dress with a cute little bonnet. Of course she didn’t last too long with it on, until she wiggled her way out of the clothes, but sometimes she’d even fall asleep in it. This was the best doll of all for it was real.

I just didn’t like the part she wiggled out of my arms when she heard Mom cooking in the kitchen. That meant she’d be meowing for at least an hour until it was HER lunch time. For bedtime, Brother and I had to take turns sleeping with her but she usually preferred sleeping with him. Not fair. But maybe it was because I’d spend more time with her during the day. She probably felt she needed some bonding time with everyone in our family and since he was quite a bit more active during the day, the night suited well for her being with him. Dad and Mom usually slept with their door open until Mimi came along. Then they had to keep it closed because she’d wake them up in the morning sometimes as early as 5:30, meowing for food. She knew that mom was the chef in our house, so she always made sure to get her permission for food, even though it was usually Brother and I who ended up feeding her, or we were supposed to anyway.

I liked feeding her for the first few days but then it got boring having to do the same thing everyday. My brother fed him for a little longer than that, thank goodness. Otherwise she might very well be dead now. And finally, Dad and Mom had to take up the torch of feeding her because Brother also got bored of feeding her.

I’m just eternally grateful Mom hasn’t gotten bored of feeding us. Or even if she has, she keeps doing it anyways. I hope I can be a better mom to my kids when I have kids than to how I’ve been mothering my cat. Well, she’s just not mine fully, you see. So there isn’t as much incentive to taking care of her. My brother has his share of work to do too and since he’s older I think he should get more of the share. I can help play with her sometimes and rock her to sleep or let her have some space on my bed when she wants to relax there. That’s a big help already.

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