More About my Cat

I told you about my beautiful gorgeous cat, but I forgot an important detail. Her name is Mimi. I would have called her Fluffy or Furball or maybe Cozy because she has a beautiful white fluffy coat. But thinking more of it and now living with her for the past 3 years, I think her name fits her just fine. Mimi kind of sounds like “Me, me” and that’s really almost all she thinks of anyway. See what I mean? Me, me, me…. If I could read her thoughts they might go something like this: Won’t someone feed ME? Me is hungry. Look over here, ME is here! I’m cleaning myself, ME I am. Let ME lick your bowl. Let ME finish your sip of milk. Won’t you give ME a snack? Let ME have some room on the couch. Give ME the biggest pillow…” I could probably go on all day about this MEME business.

But she’s a beautiful cat. Everyone that comes and visits mentions how she even fits into our house decor. She’s white and a tiny bit beige on the top of her nose. We have white walls and white chairs and a little bit of beige color on our throw pillows. Kind of perfect planning, isn’t it? My mom is really into decor and me too. I’ll tell you more about that later though. For now I’m trying to picture my cat to you.

She was tiny and cute and like my little baby at first. I learned a few things about cat-care, I did. Any time I saw a book on cats, I’d open it and read about them. I especially wanted to make sure that Mimi got the best of care and that she felt like the most loved cat ever. I think she does cause even to this day, she really has a nice personality. Even though she wants our food, all of the time, she’s not too demanding and she’ll come when we call her, she’ll still play a little and she loves our cuddles and pats.

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