Looking for the good in my kids

On a very good day, my son comes home from school, takes out his books and begins his homework. What a proud mother I am when that is the case! He begins working on homework that he’s familiar with and then continues by asking me for help, with the things he doesn’t know. I am eager and happy to help when I he’s got a cheerful attitude about it.
I have to mention that homework is not his strong point, and neither is Grammar, Reading, Spelling or Math for that matter. His focus and attention usually slides off to other “more important” things of life, such as cars, the computer, music and play. So as he finishes his spelling test, out comes my red pen, crossing out and marking the mistakes he made. He of course is not very enthusiastic about that.
It reminds me of an article about a teacher that works with special needs kids. She uses a different method than most teachers. She gets her red pen and underlines all the words that the kids got CORRECT and leaves the other ones blank. I asked myself how I would feel if I was one of those kids? How would I react to someone who focuses and notices all the good that I do?
I think I’m going to try that next time my son comes to me with his homework.