Kids solving their own problems

“Parents are often amazed to discover how capable and resourceful their children are when given the chance to solve their problems in their own way. All children will inevitably encounter problems of all shapes and kinds; that’s simply part of growing up. Through dealing with these challenges they learn problem-solving skills, which are essential to success in life. Kids have unbelievable and largely untapped potential for finding good solutions to their problems. It’s wise to invest time in helping your child develop his or her problem-solving skills.”

After reading the above, I was reminded of the stories we’re writing on Nutrition in the “Take a Bite” series. We want children to learn to solve issues for themselves, and not always expect parents to tell them what to do or coming up with solutions to their problems. Most of life’s difficulties are learned through experience, sometimes finding out what doesn’t work, and other times finding what does work. I think that’s a great approach to helping children learn responsibility.

As you’ll see in our story books, it’s the child who concludes what he did wrong and what he should do next time. It’s the child that realizes that eating healthy foods have good effects, because of something the negative effects of eating unhealthy.

I think too often we try to protect our children from the bad or from their mistakes, I know I do with my own kids. It’s that motherly instinct that wants the best for them and wants to shelter them from hurt. But in the long run, we’re failing to allow them the learning experience of finding out for themselves, which will help them remember the lesson a lot better.

I believe that we should give kids the opportunities to make mistakes and fail. I know it almost sounds cruel and heartless, but I think we might be doing them a favor in the long run. Any thoughts on this?