I Miss my Clothes

“No, not that one!” I shouted. “No, not that one either!” Mom made three piles with clothes I had just tried on, that didn’t fit me anymore. One pile to throw away, with stains, holes and lots of wear. Another pile to give away, to someone who we knew could fit into them and appreciate them. A third pile for selling, what was still in good condition.

But I just wanted to KEEP all my clothes. I looked at photos from the past, when I was younger and I couldn’t help admire all those beautiful dresses I was wearing. “What happened to that shirt, Mom?” or “Where did that dress go, that I loved so much?” She told me that we had either given it away or sold it at a car boot. But why? Why do I have to part with all those clothes I got so attached to? Or that were so comfortable?

Mom told me that we just didn’t have space to keep everything, and if I couldn’t wear them anymore, what use does it do me anyway? I guess she had a point there. I tried on again some of those piled up clothes to sell or give away, tucking in my tummy or tucking in my butt. No, no use at all. I couldn’t help it that I’m just getting bigger and taller.

On one end, I do like that. I like that a LOT, cause now I can even borrow some of Mom’s clothes for special occasions. But on the other end, NO! I don’t like it at all, that I can’t fit into my loveliest clothes that I would keep forever if I could. Especially those special occasion ones that didn’t happy very often. I turned 11 this year and that’s not a kid anymore. I’m officially a real preteen and I joined middle school. That means I have the right to change some things about myself, right? So I decided that I will wear ALL my clothes, even the ones saved up for special occasions. Seeing my friends at school is a special occasion. Going out on a walk for an ice cream is a special occasion. Living LIFE is a special occasion. So I’ll just enjoy each moment and each of my pretty clothing as best as I can, when I can, before they get too small for me again!

Oh, back to those piles Mom made. It ended up being not too bad an idea. That way I could make some money to get new clothes. I emptied out my cupboard and got it ready to fill up again, after all. The giving pile, I remember when one of my cousins gave me her clothes when they didn’t fit her anymore. I really, really liked that because I got lots of clothes that we wouldn’t have thought of buying, just because it’s not like I really needed them, but they were just nice to have. Like 10 different dresses instead of just 3 or 4. Or 5 pairs of shorts when I only really got around to wearing 2-3 of them. “Well, okay!” I finally settled for Mom’s bright idea of the 3 piles. The stained or holy ones wouldn’t do anyone any good anyway, except to help fill up our trash can and make the garbage men happy that they were finally emptying a filled up can.

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