How to stay cool on a very hot day

I’m writing this for all you who are at the moment experiencing summer, this time of year. Not fair because I’m here in the cooold! Oh well, it makes me feel nice just to think about it again, especially when I look out my window and see nothing but frost and fog.   This summer was probably one of the hottest I’ve known, or at least that I can remember. I was born in Mexico so I’m sure we had lots of heat when I lived there. But I can’t rightly recall the exact feelings of heat dripping down my neck and forehead and being ready to try anything to get a cool down.

So as the title says, here are the few things I tried this summer, to keep myself cool: Pay attention, you gals on the Southern Hemisphere, you may need this! Well, firstly, I tried my cat’s spray bottle, adding a little ice to the water. It worked quite nicely except while I was drawing as it would also drip onto my papers. I had to turn my color pencil rainbow masterpiece into a sunset painting instead. Oh well, I ended up gluing a unicorn head over the colorful background so that wasn’t too bad, seeing that the unicorn is my favorite animal at the moment. It changes regularly, you know. Yes, this is more of a fairy tale animal, but next week, I promise I will change to a real one.

Back to my keeping cool tips, yes!  Later I laid in the grass on a wet towel. That was nice up until the flies landed on me and made me itch all over. So then I decided to take a shower. But then I noticed the bathtub calling out to me. Why take a shower when you can take a bath? And so I did! A nice, cold ice bath, with some extra ice cubes thrown in. Shhh, don’t tell Mom that that’s what I used them up for. She thought it was for my ice tea. That felt amazing and I felt quite cool for the rest of the day. To keep up with my cool feeling, I made myself a banana milk shake. When Mom has extra bananas that are about to turn brown, she freezes them. I think she saves them for making ice-cream for family night but I don’t think she minds that I borrow some once in a while to keep me cool. She says that as long as I clean up after myself, I can cook whatever I like. Imagine that!

I took a big sip of my shake but then choked up all over. It must have gone down the wrong pipe. It splashed all over my face. But it actually felt kind of nice… because it was cold. That’s when I got the bright idea to make myself a frozen fruit facial. Ahhh, and it even smelled good! Now that’s what I call, having a really cool day! My tip for today is: Be happy! Stay positive and look for the good and the humor in whatever comes your way! The heat, the cold, the rain! There’s some good (or funny) in it all.  I can just remember the horrified look on Mom’s face when she walked into the kitchen… with ice-cold milkshake all over my face! Yikes! We sure had a good laugh!

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