How do busy parents teach children good morals?

I was thinking myself today, how do busy parents have time to teach their children good moral character? If both parents are at work all day, their kids are at school, they come home, cook, clean and tend to daily business matters that need attention? When do they even find time in their busy day, to impart and teach good character traits? I don’t hold a degree in child psychology, but I have found out from simple experience, that we teach these traits, through our example.

Now, I do feel a little bad sometimes, when they see my example first thing in the morning, before I’ve had my coffee. I’m rushing them off to school and back for lunch, then hurrying to get the food on the table. The afternoon is pretty much a repeat of juggling 3 or 4 things at a time. Now how is that supposed to emanate all those beautiful character traits I want my children to learn?

I’ve concluded that the answer probably lies somewhere in being humble, loving, patient, gentle, and of a peaceful spirit at as much as possible. No one’s perfect and we’ll never have an ideal or flawless day, but I can reflect at the end of the day and say to myself that I tried my best; I stopped to give a hug, or a cuddle, stopped to tell my kids how much I love them, talked in a patient tone of voice, and spent some time together out in Gods creation together. I believe that those are some of the most important things we can impart to our children, which they will hopefully carry with them in adulthood.