How am I talking with my kids?

I was reading a Blog the other day, and a part from Vicki Hoefle kind of stood out to me, and so I thought I’d share it here, so that it might come to your remembrance at the appropriate times as well. Here’s what she said:

“Here are three of my tried and true tips for enhancing the relationship with our kids.

  • Superimpose the face of your best friend on your child. Now, talk to your best friend and if you wouldn’t say it to her, don’t say it to your child.
  • Imagine you overhear your child describing you to his or her best friend. What word would best capture you? Is it the word you hope your child will use to describe you? If not, change what you are doing and act accordingly.
  • Decide that being right is overrated and you would rather be wrong if it means that you and your child maintain a healthy, happy and satisfying relationship for years to come.”

That was a good reminder to check how I’m treating my kids when communicating with them. Am I talking down at them, or am I talking with them?

What do you think?