Highs and lows

The title gives it away I think. “Highs and Lows” or we also sometimes like to call it “Sweets and Sours”. That’s what life is made up of and I’ve heard that taking the time to actually notice them or communicate them is important because, well, just because! Or maybe because then we don’t get all down about one thing or one experience? Maybe it forces us to look for the good even in a seeming bad situation?

Anyway, thus came the great idea from Mom, to focus on our “Highs” this Christmas season and all the way till the end of the year. We have a jar in the kitchen and once a day, well mostly like at the end of the day, we fill it with a paper of our highs of the day. It can be one or two or however many we want to add in. On the last day of the year, we’ll read them out and enjoy all the good from this season. It will help us remember that Jesus is behind it all because really, he’s the only one ALL GOOD!

Well, we’ve been ending our days a lot with expressing our sweets and sours, that by now I have a hard time even thinking of any sours. Besides, Christmas is all about kindness, sharing, spending time with family and friends, getting other’s gifts, helping a poor lonely person and all that, so what could be sour about that?

Well, here are a few other “highs” I’ve added to the jar so far: Christmas market outing, Christmas decorations, all the lights, home-made cookies, enjoying the tree and fireplace, reading Christmas stories by the fire (it’s a fake one, but it’s still pretty cozy). Having a heating blanket in my bed to keep warm, enjoying Christmas music, how good it feels to help and serve others, being able to give to others who have less than me, being in a house with a bed to sleep on at night, going to a Christmas concert, enjoying a candied apple, looking forward to special gifts (I think!)…

You know what? I could drag this on for a very long time, because once I get going, it’s hard to stop. I can just go through my day and name all the things that happened in the day. Even my school is great because I get to learn something and my teachers are nice. I have friends, my school is not far from home so I can walk there, once in a while I get to go home early to do my projects… Oops! I was going to call it quits! So here goes… It’s a wonderful life! THE END!

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