Focusing on what matters most

My daughter is having a rough morning, screaming, yelling, kicking her legs, feeling frustrated about getting ready for school. Or is it rather me having a rough morning?

I’m finally sitting in my office and taking a few minutes to cool down, while my husband offered to “handle” the situation. His patience far outweighs mine, especially on a morning like this, which actually happens quite often these days.

My first reaction: Why can’t I handle this seemingly easy task of our morning routine? What a horrible mom I must be. It’s all my fault. Why do I lose my patience so easily? And on it goes.

I paused as I realized where this was going; I am focusing on MYSELF. I finally recognized where I had it wrong. I needed to switch my focus to God. He wants us to focus on Him for those small insignificant little problems too. Because my problems are small in the overall scheme of life, I feel that I should be able to handle them, and I don’t want to disturb God with those.

But I remembered that God wants us to focus on Him and seek His help in the minor anxieties as well, just as much as in the big things.

When I bought my computer, it came with a manual. But my kids are often a lot more complicated than my PC, so where is the manual to parent them right? I’m realizing more each day, that God is our help, and He’s written our manual, and it’s not just about how to handle my kids. When my equipment doesn’t work, I’m pretty faithful to either Google about my problem, ask my husband about it, or bring it back to the shop if it really doesn’t work.

So how much more important are my children, and where do I turn to for help when problems arise or little glitches in the working of things? Well, sad to say, I turn to myself to often, and then of course end up feeling discouraged and condemned when things don’t work out well. Come to think of it, it would be rather silly when my washing machine stopped working, if I blamed myself for being a horrible house-wife because of it.

When I try to handle things myself, it usually leaves me feeling out of sorts, discouraged and frustrated. But I’m sure that’s not the way God wants me to feel. When I ask Him for His mind in my tough situations, I find myself trusting and hopeful. Once I give it to the Lord in prayer, it’s in His capable hands, and I don’t have to try as hard to get things to work. I can let Him handle it the way He does best. He’s the expert after all.