Discover children’s strengths

I have often felt discouraged or frustrated as a mother because my kids don’t seem to be doing so well academically. They are slow learners, you could say, even though I started them from a very young age and they picked up reading very early, as we did homeschooling and incorporating plenty of fun and games for learning. But now things have changed and they go to school and don’t seem focused or inspired to continue to learn as they used to. They don’t especially enjoy or are very good at any particular academic subject either.
The other day as I read something and meditated on it, my thinking began to change on all of this. No longer should I be focusing on the things that I feel they may be slow in or not so good at, but I should be discovering their strengths.
If my son is into cars (which I have to say is his utmost favorite thing in the world), why don’t I encourage that in some way? I spent 30 minutes the other day checking out in Wikipedia all about the different types of cars he was interested in. Not only was he happy, but he got so excited. He then went on for the rest of the morning, researching all the brands and names of different cars, copy drawing their logos, making some of his own, etc.
I was shocked at what a little bit of interest on my part can do for my son. Maybe to me cars is a waste of time, maybe it’s not my thing, but why would I want to stifle that in him? Instead of trying to keep him away from cars when we go shopping, I should be trying to think deeper in how I can encourage that excitement.
I should be happy that my son is into something, be thrilled that he loves to learn, even if it’s only about cars (for right now, at least). Now how would my son feel if I said something like: “Someday you may be the very best at selling cars.” Or “I bet some day you could really use that excitement of cars that you have to invent something for cars, that has never been thought of before?
I want to celebrate and enjoy my kids’ strengths and get excited with what makes them happy and feel good about themselves. I want my kids to be winners and if academics is not their thing right now, well it might be one day, when they realize that what they love to do needs plenty of knowledge in certain topics. I want them to be the ones to discover that.
My part be just be to help discover their strengths and continue to focus on those.